In less than 18 months, Wan Chai members Grand Design have made a creative splash in Hong Kong, and rightfully so.

Hailed from Tokyo, Grand Design have opened their Hong Kong branch for 18 months. Founded by Masaya Hirota and
Katsunori Nishi in September 2014, the creative pair behind the agency has been making a splash in the creative scene, and rightfully so. Boasting an impressive clientele list such as Uniqlo, Muji, Starbucks and Adidas and most recently, Yakult.


Grand Design’s well-earned reputation has been forged on their ability to create immaculately clean cut designs that people fall in love with. This includes their most recent campaign with the company known for their probiotic drinks in China’s southern province, Guangdong.

Their campaign for Yakult makes use of SNS (Social Networking Service), with their campaign
being circulated all throughout October on one of China’s most popular microblogging sites, Weibo.
Within a month, working under a tight schedule, they were able to plan and execute content that exceeded their client’s expectations. When asked if they ever find their work to be repetitive, ‘Each client brings something fresh to the table’, says Hirota-san.


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