In a collaboration with Kagome, TWO Inc. has launched 2foods Plant-Based Omurice, bringing plant-based comfort food to the masses to encourage healthy and sustainable eating habits. 

TWO Inc. has teamed up with Kagome, a Japanese food manufacturer known for its ketchup and vegetable juices, to launch the “2foods Plant-Based Omurice” on March 9th of this year. This product is made from a plant-based egg called “Ever Egg,” a joint development between the two companies.  

TWO is a wellness brand that does not subscribe to the idea that healthy eating cannot exist with happy living. TWO designs products and services that are all around “truly satisfying.” 2foods is TWO’s venture under the concept of “healthy junk food,” not only delicious and nourishing, but also affordable and familiar. 2foods aims to spread the culture of ethical, plant-based eating that is kind to both our health and the environment. 

In April 2021, TWO and Kagome formed a business alliance, with the latter investing in 2foods to pursue product development and promote a sustainable future that incorporates plant-based foods as a lifestyle option. 

TWO and Kagome co-developed “Ever Egg,” made from vegetables like carrots and cannellini beans, opposed to the more commonly used soybeans. By implementing their proprietary technology, “the vegetable semi-ripening method,” the product achieves the soft, fluffy texture of real eggs, with zero cholesterol. The demi-glace sauce and chicken fried rice are also entirely plant-based, making a delicious plant-based Omurice, a popular Japanese comfort food – an omelette atop fried rice flavoured with ketchup, commonly served with a demi-glace sauce.

On March 9, 2foods Plant-Based Omurice will be available for pre-order on Makuake, Japan’s top product launch platform where consumers can pre-order to support new and innovative creations, commonly used by corporations to introduce new products to the market. In addition, the product will be available at six 2foods café and restaurant locations.  

TWO and Kagome aim to lead and accelerate the growth of the plant-based food market in Japan, starting with the launch of their new omurice. The Japanese market for plant-based products has almost quadrupled in the past 10 years, driven by the health benefits of low-fat, low-calorie foods. Today, however, more consumers are choosing to eat plant-based foods as a way of practising ethical consumption. 


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