If, like us, you follow Apple’s keynotes closely, you might remember Steve Jobs’s iconic prelude, “But there’s one more thing…”, a phrase often used by the legendary CEO to herald in a significant product announcement.

Over the last few years, Apple has used this catchphrase fairly sporadically, the last time being at the iPhone X event in 2017. Three years on and “one more thing” is slated to make a re-appearance at Apple’s fourth special event of 2020. Dubbed “One More Thing”, the online event is set to take place at 10 am PST on Tuesday, 10 November, and will consist of yet another live-streamed product unveiling (the third since September).

Marking yet another important milestone for the Silicon Valley tech giant, it is expected that Apple will use the event to announce its next generation of computers at this event, all powered by Apple’s very own chip, the Apple Silicon – a significant shift driven by the company’s separation from longtime partner Intel. Unlike the laptops and desktops of the past, these new computers will be using chips similar to those used to power the iPhone and iPad, which are based on ARM architecture.

This follows on from last week’s report from Bloomberg that predicted that Apple would soon unveil three MacBooks powered by indigenous chips: two MacBook Pros and a MacBook Air.

The processor of Apple’s own in-house silicon chip is said to be able to deliver more efficient performance with lower battery consumption as compared to Intel’s processors. This move allows Apple to be more hands-on with its devices and fine-tune the software even further so that users can truly leverage the laptop performance to maximise their productivity. Nevertheless, Apple will continue to sell Intel-powered laptops and computers while making this transition.   

Apple Laptops

Photo Credit: Apple

Another thing to anticipate is a release date for the new macOS 11 Big Sur, the next major macOS update. While some Apple users might already be trying out the beta version of Big Sur, users will only get the full experience after the official rollout. Some new overhauls we can expect include a fresh layout, easily accessible widgets, and control centre, as well as better messaging features similar to those introduced in iOS 14.

Judging by the theme of the event, it is highly likely that Apple may go as far as announcing more than one key product. Besides a new Mac laptop, Apple may also unveil their rumoured new, high-end, over-ear headphones, as well as their AirTags Bluetooth tracking device, which helps you to locate such valuables as keys and wallets. 

Will this surprise event turn out to be beyond our expectations? Tune in to the official announcement on Apple’s website at 10 am PST on 10 November 2020 (2 am HKT on 11 November 2020). 

Banner Photo Credit: Apple

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