Melbourne is a craft beer haven in Australia, with countless breweries in the greater Melbourne area. We have compiled a list of the best beers in Melbourne to try out when in the city. 

There is no lack of craft breweries and delicious local beers in Melbourne. Whether you live in the city, or are simply visiting, there are plenty of options to choose from- from IPAs to Sours, we have got you covered. Not only that, several of the breweries listed in this article have locations with restaurants to accompany your beers and even brewery tours. Here are Hive Life’s picks for the best local craft beers in Melbourne.


Weston St IPA

Temple Brewing Company is a brewery in the Brunswick East area of Melbourne, crafting beer in a 30hL semi-automated brewhouse, with both year-round and seasonal beverages. The Weston St IPA is of the year-round variety, with a classic hoppy flavour that is described as “dangerously sessionable,” despite an ABV of 7.4%. This dry IPA has a citrusy and sweet undertone and a piney flavour, with a lingering bitterness. Weston St IPA is available online or at the Temple Brewing Co Brewpub.

weston st ipa_beers in melbourne

Splice of Heaven Mango Ice Cream IPA

The Moon Dog Craft Brewery describes its M.O. as “crafting bloody delicious beers that are fun and a little bit different,” and this Splice of Heaven truly is. It is a Mango Ice Cream IPA with a classic hoppiness infused with fresh mango nectar to add fruitiness to this creamy delight, making for a perfectly balanced beverage. Splice of Heaven will be available online in the spring, as it is a seasonal beer. 

mango splice_craft beers in melbourne


These Go To 11 NEIIPA

Bonehead Brewing started in Melbourne in 2016 with the goal of catering to the uniqueness of the city, and fittingly, making it up as they go. The These Go To 11 NEIIPA, a clever spin on This is Spinal Tap’s iconic scene, has an ABV of 11% – a hefty brew for experienced drinkers- or not. This juicy New England Double IPA has a self-described “loud” flavour and is sure to floor you, much like Spinal Tap might. These Go To 11 is available online and at Bonehead’s Taproom

bonehead_creaft beers in melbourne



Lagoona Matata

With a name like Lagoona Matata, how could you resist this delicious sour ale? This Moon Dog craft  brew is a tropical-tasting fresh-flavoured hoppy ale, with a gentle tartness that will not be unwelcome. The bursts of fruitiness come from mango, passion fruit, lychee, and pineapple. The beer is extremely clear and golden, perfectly appropriate for a beer with a Lion King homage. Lagoona Matata is available online and at Moon Dog venues

moondog_craft beers in melbourne



Molly Rose Brewing is a small brewery located in Collingwood, named after the grandmothers of founder and brewer Nic Sandery, for their ingenuity and hospitality. Inspired by the tinkering it took to get to this delightful brew, Tinker is a barrel fermented sour beer with refreshing tropical and citrusy undertones that match deliciously. Tinker is available online and at the Molly Rose Brewery

Lava Lake Imperial Dark Fruited Sour

Bodriggy Brewing Co is a culturally-driven business producing a variety of beers to the local community of Abbotsford. The Lava Lake Imperial Dark Fruited Sour is a mouthful in more ways than one. Its colour is a “molten purple” with an intense blackberry and blackcurrant flavour, and a powerful sourness that cuts through the smooth sweetness of the berries. It is ripe and refreshing, while maintaining its strength at ABV 6.9%. Lava Lake imperial Dark Fruited Sour is available online and at their various venues

bodriggy_craft beers in melbourne



Distraction Ale

The Distraction Ale from Bonehead Brewing is one of many special beers in Melbourne, aged in American Oak barrels for seven months before being bottled and served. The flavours you can expect from this hefty ABV 11% beer include burnt fig, vanilla, caramel, and aniseed, among others. Additionally, it is recommended to drink this particular beverage at room temperature. Distraction Ale is available online and at Bonehead’s Taproom

bonehead_craft beers in melbourne


Karma Oatmeal Stout

Hop Nation Brewing Co in Footscray has been operational for six years, putting out hop-heavy beers like this Karma Oatmeal Stout. The malt is roasted along with oats and barley, creating a delightful creamy creation with a toasty profile and hints of chocolate and coffee. Karma Oatmeal Stout is available online and at the Hop Nation Tap Room

Taco Beer

Two Birds Brewing is Australia’s first woman-founded brewery located in Spotswood. The Taco Beer is exactly as it sounds – brewed with corn, fresh coriander, and lime peel, this beer is light and refreshing, as well as fruity and zesty. Taco Beer is available online, at their brewery, and with their various stockists

taco beer_best beers in melbourne


Wheat Beers & Lagers

Organic Lager

The Organic Lager from Hop Nation perfectly sums up their sustainable values – a necessary part of their operations. This lager is a beverage you can partake in the whole summer with no guilt, especially considering it is made from completely organic ingredients and has no added preservatives. It is slightly floral and finishes with a mild bitterness, perfectly balanced and crisp and refreshing – perfect for a hot day. Hop Nation’s Organic Lager is available online and at the Hop Nation Tap Room

hop nation_beers in melbourne


Staunch Pilsner

Bodriggy’s Staunch Pilsner is described by the brewery as “the sort of beer you’d want to drink a beer with.” It is a beer that accompanies relaxation. The brew is crisp and sessionable, with a balanced finish, and certainly, best served cold. Staunch Pilsner is available online and at their various venues

Laneway Lager

Stomping Ground Brewing Co is a brewery that puts great importance on sustainable practices, like recycling food scraps via composting, using aluminium packaging, and much more. The Laneway Lager is German-style lager with a gentle, yet bitter finish that refreshes with heft, and is sessionable at ABV 4.7%. Laneway Lager is available online and at their various beer halls

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