Looking for an incredible night out in the buzzing capital of Thailand? We’ve got you covered. Check out our guide to the best cocktail bars in Bangkok.

Known around the world as a city that comes to life at night, Bangkok has plenty to offer on the cocktail scene. A raft of new mixologists have opened agenda-setting speakeasies, whilst small, secret bars tucked down secret alleyways and relaxed, neighbourhood drinking holes all provide their own version of a great night out. Read our guide to the best cocktail bars to look out for the next time you’re planning a night out in Bangkok.



The Iron Fairies

If you’re one for a moody and theatrical decor, The Iron Fairies is the drinking den for you. Masterminded by bar impresario Ashley Sutton whose magical interior creations have made their way through Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo, this bar is all about the atmosphere. Inspired by fairytales and whimsical flairs, the decor is all dilapidated chairs, wrought iron staircases and exposed brick walls, whilst its cocktails are packed with powerful flavours disguised behind fairy-themed references – think a ‘Watermelon Daiquiri with Fairy Dust Burnt Marshmallow’ or a ‘Fairy Wing Fizz.’ Check it out for an artsy, curious crowd and a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Insider’s Tip:  If you’re feeling peckish in the evening, order up one of their signature ‘Fat Gut’z Beef Burgers’ to keep you going all night. 

Address: 402 Soi Thonglor, Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok
Open From: 6 pm – 2 am

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Rabbit Hole

Adding more of a speakeasy vibe to the mix is Rabbit Hole. As its name implies, you need to look hard to find it, but once you step inside this shophouse bar’s doors, all subtlety goes out the window. A two-story spirit rack dominates this casual space, from which expert mixologists conjure up an expansive and customisable list of cocktails. Much loved by those in the know – as well as several cocktail buffs – here’s a lively spot that delivers on all fronts. 

Insider’s Tip: There with a bunch of friends? Head upstairs to find quieter tables and a more relaxed vibe. 

Address: 125 Thonglor Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok
Open From: 7 pm – 2 am

Best Cocktail Bars in Bangkok Iron Fairies Rabbit Hole

IG: @ironfairiesbkk

Find the Locker Room

Taking the secretive and mysterious to a new level is a bar called Find the Locker Room. Completely absent from any proper online presence, the bar’s whole attraction lies in its exclusivity. Because it’s so hard to find, you can be sure this is where all the cocktail nerds and connoisseurs will be hanging out – and for good reason. The cocktails here are divided into three distinct temporal sections: past, present and future, respectively focusing on classics, those with a twist, and entirely new and wacky inventions. 

Insider’s Tip: If you manage to drink your way onto the ‘future’ section of the menu, you’ll find drinks like ‘The Harakiri’ – an utterly unique rendition of a Bloody Mary with herbs and plum liqueur. 

Address: 406 Sukhumvit Soi 55, Bangkok
Open From: 6 pm – 2 am

Backstage Bar

Sporting a jaw-dropping burlesque interior that leads you through a thick Broadway velvet curtain into a playful drinking hotspot, Backstage Bar is well-deserving of its place on the World’s 50 Best Bars List. Part of the Broadway Theatre-themed Playhaus Hotel, it’s all plush atmosphere and theatrics with light-hearted music and an intriguing cocktail menu designed by six of Thailand’s best-known up-and-coming mixologists. Make sure to bring your friends here for an amusing and quirky night out. 

Insider’s Tip: Special cocktails are written on a mirror, so look out for them when you pay a visit.  

Address: L/F, Playhaus Thonglor, 205/22-23 Sukhumvit Soi 55, Bangkok
Open From: 7 pm – 2 am

Best Cocktails in Bangkok Find The Locker Room Backstage Bar

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If you’re reading this list, you probably already have a taste for a good cocktail or two. But, have you ever thought about the history behind them and their names? Q&A Bar adds an interesting dynamic with their collectable cards and passport book. The speakeasy, with its vintage decor styled on a 1920’s New York railway carriage, has a series of 52 classic cocktails that each have an accompanying card number and suit, as well as a little note on its origins. Brought to life by the mixologists also behind other hot nearby watering holes such as Sugar Ray, here’s a bar by – and for – those in the know. 

Insider’s Tip: If you’re not working your way through your cocktail passport, try out some of their more signature drinks like the ‘Comte De Monte Cristo’ – port wine mixed with coffee flavours, nutty aromas and dark rum. 

Address: 235/13 Sukhumvit, Soi 21, Bangkok
Open From: 7 pm – 2 am



Havana Social

Step into a historical time-capsule and grab a drink and cigar at Havana Social. This small Cuban enclave embraces prohibitionist themes and more than plays the part with its secrecy, not to mention its faux crumbling walls with a shabby-yet-chic grandeur. Adding to the experience of it all, look out for its secret telephone booth where you’ll be asked to dial a secret code to enter before entering a speakeasy that transports you back to a classy night in a time gone by.

Insider’s Tip: Ring this number (06-1450-3750) to get their special entry code.

Address: 1/1 Sukhumvit Rd. Soi 11 Bangkok
Open From: 6 pm – 2 am

Best Cocktail Bars in Bangkok Q&A Bar Havana Social

FB: @havanasocialbkk


Bamboo Bar

Tucked away in the luxurious Mandarin Oriental, The Bamboo Bar is easily one of the chicest joints in town, all wicker chairs and plush mahogany interiors. The winner of multiple awards in the Bar Awards Bangkok 2018, the new menu draws inspiration from Thailand’s five regions and takes into account each of their distinctive and unique tastes and flavours. Pop in and mingle with the luxe crowd while live music starts at 9 pm daily. 

Insider’s Tip: Try a cocktail based on the neighbourhood – the ‘Silom,’ a lovely blend of tequila, plum, Punt e Mes and rosemary. 

Address: 48 Oriental Avenue, Bangkok
Open From: Sun – Thu: 5 pm – 12:30 am, Fri – Sat: 5 pm – 1:30 am

Tropic City

Concoctions and friends. That’s Tropic City’s motto and it doesn’t let you down with its bright and colourful setting that invites people through its welcoming doors. The cocktails here are predominantly rum-based with a distinctly Carribean vibe and a signature style that’s all about fruity and tropical flavours. Factor in its colourful murals, neon signs and beachy vibe, and it’s no wonder this is a popular spot. 

Insider’s Tip: Make sure you try their exquisite ‘KL – BKK cocktail,’ a concoction that includes fermented pineapple spiced with cloves. 

Address: 672/65 Soi Charoen Krung 28, Bang Rak, Bangkok
Open From: Tue – Sun: 7 pm – 2 am

Best Cocktail Bars in Bangkok Bamboo Bar Tropic City

FB: @tropiccitybkk


Asia Today

Coming from the founders of the already well-established bar Teens of Thailand is their latest venture Asia Today. Step inside to find a relaxed, kitschy vibe – and a giant shark hanging from the ceiling – before pulling up a stool to try one of their exotic cocktails. This place is all about local Thai ingredients, offering up drinks that feature special tastes from around the country such as bai hor wor, herb coming from the Pga K’nyau in northern Thailand, and honey from rural farmers. It all works together to give you a new experience that’s equal parts exotic, experimental and fun.

Insider’s Tip: Make sure you try some of their highly revered drinks made with 13 types of Thai honey, locally sourced by the bar team themselves from rural Thai areas. 

Address: 35 Soi Nana, Maitri Chit Road, Bangkok
Open from: Tue – Thu & Sun: 7 pm – 12 am, Fri – Sat: 7 pm – 1:15 am

Tep Bar

Join in with a lively crowd of locals and visitors for a cheery atmosphere and live local music at Tep Bar in Chinatown. This spot guarantees a fun and energetic evening for you and your friends under the dimly-lit moody lighting all topped off with cocktails and snacks so characteristic of Thai life. 

Insider’s Tip: This place has some noteworthy drinks, but don’t forget their interesting snack menu that includes classics like ‘Khao krieb Wow,’ a sticky rice cracker. 

Address: 69-71 Soi Nana, Charoen Krung Road, Bangkok
Open From: 6 pm – 1 am

Best Cocktail Bars in Bangkok Asia Today Tep Bar


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