Once known as the tea of immortality, Kombucha is the latest health craze taking the world by storm. Improve your gut health and boost your immune system with this fermented probiotic drink! 

There’s been a recent surge in popularity for this fizzy, slightly alcoholic, fermented drink known as Kombucha. But what exactly is it and how does it improve health? Well, according to nutrition experts, the answer lies in the bacteria produced during the fermentation process.  

Originating from China around 2,000 years ago, Kombucha is made from green or black tea that is combined with white sugar and then fermented with SCOBY, a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. As the tea ferments, new organic compounds are produced that contain probiotic enzymes, antioxidants, and B vitamins – all of which help to protect the body and optimise gut health. Other potential benefits include reduced cancer risk, prevention of infections, improved mental health and weight loss.

Thanks to the growing trend of Kombucha, Hong Kong now offers a whole bevvy of locally fermented as well as imported brands. Here’s our pick of the 4 best Kombuchas in Hong Kong! How many have you tried?



Locally brewed and bottled, Taboocha handcrafts their Kombucha using organic Chinese green or black tea and organic raw cane sugar. Brewed with sustainability and dogs in mind, Taboocha repurposes and reuses all returned bottles, pledging HKD 1 per returned bottle to various dog charities in Hong Kong. A firm favourite in Hong Kong, the brand offers a variety of flavours ranging from Goji Berry and Ginger Green Tea to Lime Basil Black Tea.

Insider’s Tip: Start with their original and go-to flavour ‘Bloom’, a gentle floral green tea that they deem as “perfect for virgin kombucha drinkers.”

Where to Find: Available online and at a variety of cafes, supermarkets, and venues around Hong Kong


Kombucha Wonder Drink

Along with their original line of Kombucha which carries five different flavours ranging from the standard Green Tea & Lemon to the more adventurous Asian Pear & Ginger, Wonder Drink also features the first and only organic prebiotic Kombucha available on the market. Having brewed in Portland, Oregon since 1999, their line focuses on nourishing and promoting the growth of good probiotic bacteria in your body through plant-based fibres known as prebiotics. 

Insider’s Tip: Given that Wonder Drink is definitely on the sweeter side of your standard Kombucha, we recommend sticking to their raw products for maximum health benefits.

Where to Find: Available at CitySuper and online at www.justgreen.com.hk

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Kombucha Probiotic Health Tea Hong Kong Taboocha Wonder Drink

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This casual all-day restaurant and bar located in Pacific Place cold-brews their own Kombucha with loose-leaf tea, and allows their products to ferment for a week with naturally occurring yeast so as to create a fresh and fizzy superdrink. Coming in a variety of flavours including  Natural Black, Jasmine Green, and Earl Grey, they even offer a cocktail named Commissary’s Kombucha Mojito (Nusa Caña rum, lemon, mint, green tea and kombucha) during their popular evening happy hour.

Insider’s Tip: As arguably one of Hong Kong’s best American restaurants, the Commissary also offers a tantalising menu featuring American BBQ, tacos and even New Orleans-style beignets to accompany your Kombucha!

Where to Find: Commissary, Level 4, Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong, 


Blissful BomBooch Kombucha 

Macau-based vegetarian eatery, The Blissful Carrot, started brewing their own Kombucha over five years ago. After years of experimentation and fine-tuning, Blissful BomBooch Kombucha was born, a delectable concoction made with some of the finest sustainably-sourced ingredients available on the market. You can try one of their seven flavours, all of which carry many proven health benefits. 

Insider’s Tip: Add the popular spice Turmeric into your diet to help prevent cold & flu with their Turmeric Bliss flavour! 

Where to Find: Available online at Spicebox Organics or in-store at MANA!

Kombucha Probiotic Health Tea Hong Kong Commissary Blissful Bombooch

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