Japanese speciality ramen has taken the HK foodie scene by storm. Our guide to the best ramen places in Hong Kong covers the city’s world-famous noodle broths across all budgets.

It might sound like a simple dish, but anyone who knows anything about Japanese cooking will tell you that there’s a lot of skill involved in dishing up the perfect bowl of ramen. Luckily, there are specialists in this craft aplenty in Hong Kong who are dedicated to doing just that, not to mention Japanese noodle joints around town to suit every taste, variation and budget. Read on to discover our favourites.


Ramen Iroha

Ramen Iroha brings several different dishes to the table that you almost certainly won’t find in many other places in Hong Kong, including miso ramen, white salted shrimp ramen, and their notable Hokkaido milk ramen. Surrounded by your typical ramen restaurant decor of dinky tables and condiment trays that look like they’ve been transported straight from the streets of Tokyo, this place is a five-time winner of the Tokyo Ramen Show – and its food sure does reflect that. 

Insider Tip: Try their Tsukemen offerings for something a little different. 

Address: G/F, 7 Haven Street, Causeway Bay
Open From: 12 pm – 10 pm

Mashi no Mashi

If you’re a meat-lover and fancy a no-frills yet high-quality experience, go and check out Mashi no Mashi. Sparking media coverage thanks to a visit from David Beckham, this small, unassuming joint has been brought to life by the same team behind neighbouring restaurant Wagyumafia and is all about the beef noodles. Known for their Tsukemen noodles, perfectly cooked tendrils that are made to be dipped in their delicious broth, take your pick from just three different dishes and perch in their tiny 12-seater dining area for an excellent foodie experience.  

Insider Tip: Go the whole hog with a side of Wagyu beef gyoza, an especially tasty and great complimentary side dish to their noodly mains. 

Address: Shop 1B, G/F, Guardian House, 32 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai
Open From: Tue – Sun: 6 pm – 10 pm

Best Ramen Places in Hong Kong Ramen Iroha Mashi No Mashi

Ramen Iroha: openrice.com
Mashi no Mashi: openrice.com

Ramen Nagi

Looking for something more artisanal and homely? This small ramen joint tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay in a sidestreet of neighbouring Tai Hang has earned its reputation thanks to both its delicious ramen and its cosy atmosphere. Aside from the usual suspects, they also have a monthly rotation of limited edition dishes on offer – if you’re lucky, your visit might coincide with a mean curry ramen. 

Insider Tip: Their black garlic ramen has to be a team favourite.

Address:  3 King St, Tai Hang
Open From: 12 pm – 2:30 pm, 6 pm – 9 pm


For something classy and unconventional, consider Tsuta. The world’s first Michelin-starred ramen restaurant back in Tokyo, this Hong Kong outpost in Causeway Bay also offers up the secret soba noodles and truffle-blended broth that made Master Ramen Chef Onishi Yuki so famous back home, making it well worth the visit.

Insider Tip: Only 400 bowls of ramen are served up each day, so arrive ahead of the pack to secure your bowl!

Address: Shop 2, G/F, V Point, 18 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay
Open From: 11:30 am – 11 pm

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Best Ramen Places in Hong Kong Ramen Nagi Tsuta

FB: @bbramen
FB: @TsutaHongKong

Ramen Cubism

Original and fresh, Ramen Cubism is the newly-opened flagship brand of Japan’s celebrity ramen chefs, Hayashi Takao and Matsumura Takahiro. Offering exclusive dishes on their menu including a range of rich soups, this is the place to unleash your inner hopeless ramen-tic. If you’re still hungry after your bowl,  indulge in some Japanese chicken wings and dumplings whilst being entertained by the energetic and welcoming chefs.

Insider Tip: Order the premium ramen – Chef Hayashi Takao’s recommendation!

Address: Basement, Yuanyi Building, 27-29 Wellington Street, Central
Open From: 11 am – 11 pm

Nojo Ramen Tavern

Nojo Ramen Tavern is not like usual ramen shops – first, it’s a concept that comes from San Francisco, and second, it’s all about the chicken broth, an unusual take in standard ramen law. Designed as a relaxed Izakaya-style diner complete with open kitchen and modern decor, this spot is easy, fun and offers up plenty of other Japanese delicacies, making it a great all-round bet for dinner out with friends.

Insider Tip: Try out the restaurant’s famous Moromi soy sauce, hand-filtered at your table should you require.

Address: 45 Pottinger Street, Central
Open From: 12 pm – 3 pm, 6 pm – 9 pm

Best Ramen Places in Hong Kong Ramen Cubism Nojo Ramen Tavern

IG: @ramencubism
Nojo: openrice.com


Ippudo might not be winning points for the most authentic ramen in Hong Kong, but the chain is great if you’re looking for a casual, convenient and affordable meal that more than fills you up. Order ahead on your phone to skip the process of trying to catch a waiter’s attention and then sit down for an extremely reasonable HKD 80 bowl of ramen. Aside from that, Ippudo boasts a tasty selection of side dishes like gyozas and rice bowls, while their Kai Dama (extra portion of noodles) won’t burn a hole in your pocket with its HKD 2 dollar price tag. 

Insider Tip: There’s no shortage of Ippudo branches in Hong Kong, but we recommend the one up in Hysan Place in Causeway Bay with its panoramic views of the neighbourhood. 

Address: 14th Floor, 1403, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Rd, Causeway Bay
Open From: 11:30 am – 10:30 pm

Ramen Bari Uma

Raising the bar for a more authentic experience, Ramen Bari Uma is known for their pork. Slow-cooked and singed with a blow torch, fans love their cuts for being flavourful and melting away in the mouth. Seating here is often quite tight with a short waiting time, but it’s completely worth it. Especially when you factor in some delectable crispy fried chicken – the perfect complementary dish to dip into your ramen soup. 

Insider Tip: While you’re ticking off your order on the sheets of paper, don’t forget to add extras like bamboo shoots and spring onions to customise your bowl. 

Address: G/F, L’Hart, 487-489 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay
Open From: 11 am – 11 pm

Best Ramen Places in Hong Kong Ippudo Ramen Bari Uma

IG: @ippudohongkong
IG: @bariumahk

Zagin Soba

Gough Street is home to a couple of great ramen spots, but Zagin Soba piqued our interest thanks to its speciality in chicken broth. Their selection of ramen dishes are almost universally loved and while the prices here certainly can’t be classified as cheap, when you consider the quality service and ingredients, they feel well worth the spend. Top your noodles off with their crispy squid to add a new and interesting texture to the mix.

Insider Tip: Their signature ‘cappuccino’ chicken broth is without a doubt the creamiest and smoothest offering on this list, complete with a clear foamy layer on top. 

Address: 7 Gough St, Central
Open From: 12 pm – 10:30 pm

Best Ramen Places in Hong Kong Zagin Soba

Zagin Soba: thebeijinger.com

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