Looking to improve sales in a slowing economy? These 6 sales tools will help generate business and drive revenue growth – even during a recession. 

Businesses across the world are finding themselves in a precarious situation as they grapple to maintain sales revenue and customer engagement rates while trying to navigate the ongoing economic downturn. 

Although maintaining sales momentum may seem like a herculean task at the outset, there are a plethora of different sales tools and platforms designed to take a considerable burden off the shoulders of companies. Catered to tackle a variety of functions, from boosting sales engagement to improving lead generation, these are the best sales tools to keep your business up and running, even through the waning markets.

HubSpot CRM

 A customer relationship management solution for small businesses

Hubspot is positioned to act as a one-stop-shop solution for all of your sales needs. Granting users access to advanced customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, this user-friendly interface provides vital functionalities like prospect tracking, advanced email and contact management, and data analytics, among others. As one of the more innovative CRM providers around, their tool is constantly being updated and improved upon, earning its spot as one of the most popular and effective inbound marketing and prospecting tools currently on the market. While there are limits to what it can do, there’s really no other free CRM solution that can offer the same variety of features and level of integration as Hubspot CRM.

Best For: Small to medium enterprises looking for all-in-one sales solutions.

Price: Free with limited functionality. Multiple upgrade plans are available for advanced functions and larger databases, with prices ranging from USD 50 to USD 3200.

Hubspot CRM Sales Tools


A leading customer relationship management (CRM) tool

Regarded by many as the number one tool for CRM solutions, Salesforce is one of the few tools in the market that allows users to manage and evaluate sales operations and customer data, all from a mobile app. Boasting an elite customer base that includes 99 of the Fortune 100 companies, Salesforce is revered worldwide for its customer-centric approach in delivering sales solutions to businesses across a vast array of industries. With a robust customer management system, Salesforce enables companies to efficiently track and develop their customer engagement and lifetime value. Prices vary according to customisation needs and team sizes, so be sure to look into their different packages and functions to gain the most out of this tool.

Best For: Companies with a dedicated sales and marketing team looking to improve their customer relationship management strategies.

Price: Ranges from USD 25 to 300 USD per month.

Salesforce Sales Tools

Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn’s very own social selling and prospecting platform

Coming in at a higher price point than its alternatives, this tool is nonetheless a value-for-money proposition, given its highly customisable approach to generating prospective customers. Capitalising on its database of over 450 million Linkedin users and their expansive social connections, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a popular choice among sales teams, thanks to its attractive features, such as advanced search options and custom lead generation, which allow for increased targeting effectiveness. Sales Navigator also evaluates the effectiveness of strategies on a social-selling index unique to Linkedin, ensuring that your company is performing to its full potential.

Best For: Medium to large enterprises prioritising sales prospecting and lead management.

Price: Professional plan costs USD 79.9 per month. Companies can opt to use the product on a trial basis and test their sales success on the index, free of charge.  

LinkedIn Sales Navigator


A multi-functional sales productivity programme

Seamlessly integrating powerful data analytic algorithms with comprehensive email management systems, Yesware enables teams to automate and streamline their sales process to foster long-term professional connections. This platform has built-in features like custom email templates and automated campaign features accessible directly from users’ inbox. With advanced features including A/B testing, data analytics, and third-party integration with other sales tools like Salesforce, Yesware equips users with high-level actionable insights to facilitate effective decision-making, allowing for increased sales productivity. While some may need time getting used to the interface, this tool is definitely a must-have on all accounts. 

Best For: Companies with a heavy focus on email-driven sales. Suitable for mass marketing as well as virtual meetings and demos. 

Price: USD 12 per month.



Sales engagement software for sales productivity

Touted as a leader in sales engagement, Outreach enjoys a prestigious client base, boasting such users as Microsoft and Adobe. A platform designed to enhance sales engagement, Outreach combines its machine learning capabilities with high-performance automation to ensure optimal experiences at every customer touchpoint. Companies can enjoy advanced functions that automate, monitor, and decode interactions, producing key insights imperative to increasing sales growth.

Best For: Sophisticated automation that can deliver a stellar customer experience.

Price: Free trial available. A quotation will be given after users sign up for a demo.



An all-in-one sales and marketing tool for small businesses

An underrated gem, this tool provides a solution for smaller companies looking to enjoy advanced CRM capabilities without having to bear extravagant costs. An all-in-one platform, AgileCRM leverages its technology to provide streamlined contact management, one-click calling, appointment scheduling, project management, and predictive analytics functionality. Plus, they even provide additional features like web analytics and email management. Although AgileCRM isn’t as well established as other CRM services, its highly competitive price makes it much more attractive to smaller businesses.

Best For: Smaller companies on a budget

Price: USD 8.99 per month. The service is free for 10 users.


Wrapping Up

Achieving sales targets has never been an easy task. Coupled with the ongoing pandemic, we are in for trying times. Luckily, integrating these tools into your business will definitely give you an added advantage as you drive sales and foster customer relationships with more tangible results.


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