Art & Culture - 01/30/18

Catharsis Through Comedy

Written by Annissa S

Dedicated to taking the trauma out of terrible dating experiences, the award-winning storytelling show, Story Party, from San Francisco tours the world, connecting people through their shared romantic disasters.

Real life dating is messy, raw, and nothing compared to the movies. Founder of Story Party and professional storyteller, Rachman Blake tells us how the show originated from his very break-up in 2013. “One evening I was on stage raving about my recent break-up, and the audience were extremely amused. They laughed throughout my whole talk,” he shares. This incident lead to the birth of Story Party, a stage performance featuring professional storytellers who turns their own disastrous dating stories into a captivating entertainment.

Five years later, Story Party has explored the dating scene in over 20 countries and held over 1,000 shows. Through their travels, the team has found that each location has their own particular frustrating situations that relate to their culture, and as a result, generated one conclusion — dating is horrible, but there’s normally someone else out there who has had it worse!

They recently held their sellout Hong Kong show on the 24 and 25th January at the Fringe Club in upper Lan Kwai Fong, Central. Rachman Blake, Captain Khalid and Elena Gabrielle took to the stage as the breakout – or rather break-up – heroes of the night. Extremely witty and undeniably relatable, the trio shared moments with the audience that made them wince, cringe and laugh in equal parts. Participants were encouraged to share their awkward dating experiences throughout the night by either writing them down anonymously, or, for the more courageous, taking centre stage and voicing them aloud. Tapping into the feelgood solidarity that comes with shared experience, Story Party is a night to soothe and cheer the soul. A night of entertainment that takes negative past experiences and turns them into an extremely positive and amusing one, we highly recommend you check it out next time they come to town.

Story Party will be returning to Hong Kong in July, don’t miss out on this intriguing experience next time round by booking tickets early.

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