Struggling to stay organised at work?  Not sure how to clean your desk area? Optimise your work space with these 8 cool cleaning and sanitizing gadgets. 

Did you know there are more viruses than stars in the universe? Considering the planet’s most recent viral outbreak caused by one type of virus, it is important to keep your surroundings clean so that you don’t risk contaminating your health. Here is our pick of the top cleaning and sanitizing gadgets to optimise your working environment!

1. Phone UV Sanitizer 

In a 2018 study, British specialists found that the average smartphone is three times dirtier than a toilet seat. It is recommended to clean your phone at least twice a day to avoid germs and bacteria build up on your phone. A UV-C phone sanitiser can help eliminate the risk of phone contamination. UV-C radiation can help disinfect the air, object, or any surface. UV-C can be absorbed by DNA, RNA, and proteins, which is why it’s able to penetrate cell walls and prevent DNA replication (how viruses develop), killing bacteria’s ability to duplicate.

Check out CaseTiFY’s ‘UV Phone Sanitiser’, available on their website

Casetify phone cleaning, UV phone sanitiser

2. Air Purifier 

An air purifier can help cleanse air from pollutants, dust, mold, and bacteria. It also helps in removing airborne viruses trapped in droplets that linger in the air for hours. Having a purifier at or around your workspace can improve the surrounding air quality by removing toxins, and can improve respiration and heart health. Molekule Mini uses Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) technology to capture oxidizing pollutants and harmful particles in the air, reducing virus density to less than 1% in the filter.

If you want to find out more about Molekule Mini, check out their website to read more about the science behind their product.

3. Self Cleaning Water Bottle  

Bacteria and viruses can usually be found in drinking water, and is 90% more prevalent in used water bottles. In order to save the environment and protect your health, it is important to always clean your bottles.  LARQ water bottles use UV-C technology to disinfect and kill germs growing inside your water bottle or in your water.  It is a self cleaning bottle that cleanses the bottle for ten seconds every two hours. The LARQ water bottle also contains a rechargeable battery.

Check out LARQ water bottles here

LARQ water bottle, self cleaning

4. Hand Sanitizer 

According to the FDA, one of the best ways to prevent the spread of infections is to continuously wash your hands with soap and water, but away from the comfort of our homes, it is so hard to find a public bathroom, making portable hand sanitizer a necessity.  The CDC said it is crucial to use alcohol based hand sanitizer in order to properly kill bacteria, and it is also recommended to use hand sanitizer as a means of disinfection, not as a cleaning product, therefore it should not be used on oily or dirty hands.

Kimble Health Hand Sanitizer comes in bracelet form for convenience: users are able to refill the bracelet with a sanitizing product of their choice, and use it whenever needed. It is available on Amazon.  

5. Wearable Air Purifier 

If you are out in the office and don’t want to install a heavy air purifier, a portable air purifier allows you to complete daily tasks while having clean air. Using a filter to help trap pollutants and air borne allergens in the environment, wearable air purifiers can help to eliminate bacteria in your immediate surrounding environment.  However, consumers  should not depend solely on a portable air purifier to protect themselves as this is just an additional preventative measure.

Mobework launched their portable air purifier to fit this purpose. Founded in 2015, Mobework has been creating gadgets designed to improve both people and their pets’ wellbeing.

MOBE air purifier portable

6. Face Mask Sanitizer 

During lunch hour, instead of putting your mask in your pocket or on the table, to risk contamination, you should put it in a face mask sanitizing box. Using UV-C light technology, the container will be able to reduce the number of bacterial growth on your mask, after being exposed to different substances and stimuli from an extended period of wear.

Users should try using Glov Lite, a lightweight, portable mask sanitizer available on their website

7. Sanitizing Desk Lamp 

If you are still worried about the surface of your office desk itself being dirty, it may be time to invest in a purifying LED sanitizing desk lamp. To feel more healthy and safe, just simply turn on the light to disinfect microorganisms like bacteria, fungus, and mold.

Desk lamps like OttLite also have a charging stand so do not take up any additional space on your power bar. It also has an adjustable brightness setting to prevent eye strain.

Sanitizing Desk Lamp

8. Air Dresser 

After a long day of work you and your clothes will encounter different external contaminants, especially when taking public transportation.  Did you know there are limits to how often clothes should be washed? According to Whirlpool, shirts are supposed to be washed after 1 – 2 wears, dress pants after 2 – 3 wears, and jeans after 4 – 5 wears. For those who don’t have time to wash their clothes every 2 days, try investing in an AirDresser. Marketed as a sanitizing closet, the Samsung Air Dresser is a closet that straightens, steams, and sanitizes clothes.

The Samsung AirDresser also comes with an app, where users can control how long to wash clothes for from the comfort of your couch.

Samsung Air Dresser


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