Consecutive interpretation services are a fantastic way to help businesses expand internationally. Here’s why it works so well as a translation format. 

When it comes to translation services, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is written content. It’s no wonder since it’s the new trend among freelancers. There’s also a growing number of companies expanding their activities abroad and looking to London, Paris, or New York City for translation services. However, it’s not the only service that the translation agency can provide.

Other recognisable methods of interpreting are consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation. Both of them are not a piece of cake, though. Apart from the profound knowledge of the language and culture, working as an interpreter requires concentration as well as the ability to speak in front of a wider audience. Even though it’s demanding, it can also be highly beneficial to your business. We’ll cover the basics of consecutive translation – and the biggest advantages it can bring you.

What is Consecutive Interpretation?

Consecutive interpretation is one form of facilitating verbal communication. The interpreter’s speech takes place after the speaker has finished theirs. The consecutive interpreter usually stands next to the speaker, listening carefully to every word, making notes, and preparing for their turn. After the speech, they interpret everything into another language. It’s a standard way of communication in international meetings and conferences.

The crucial thing for an interpreter is to be familiar with the specific terminology that will be used during the meeting. Fluent language speaking is undoubtedly one of the essential skills, but it won’t be helpful without a particular vocabulary. That’s why translation and interpreting services providers always ask the client for a briefing to be able to prepare beforehand. 

Having information about the background of the meeting and the discussed topics will significantly improve the translation effectiveness and quality. 

4 Key Benefits of Consecutive Translation

Reliability of the Translation

It doesn’t matter how experienced an interpreter is, providing simultaneous interpreting services in a rush won’t be of such high quality as when you have time to prepare. The simultaneous interpretation of the speech from a different language gives you literally no time to think twice and find the most suitable words. 

Consecutive interpretation, on the other hand, allows the translator to rethink stuff, make notes about the crucial things, and, as a result, put everything in the right words and provide an excellent translation.

Moreover, the given time allows the interpreter to pay attention to details, including body language and expressed emotions. Consecutive interpretation makes it possible to understand the subject profoundly and make the overall interpretation more reliable.

The Audience Will Listen

It can be challenging to focus on one person speaking, so imagine having to listen to two different talks at once, like it is sometimes the case with simultaneous interpreting, following two kinds of diverse body language, gestures, and voices. Dividing the time between the original speech and the translation makes the audience pay more prominent attention.

Moreover, many listeners are likely to better understand the topic because they will automatically compare the content spoken in both languages. Those who understand some words from a different language may try to guess what’s going to be said next.

No Equipment Needed

When it comes to consecutive interpretation services, there is no special, expensive equipment needed. The translation does not require audio, electronic, and technical devices, soundproof interpreters’ booths, or special headphones for the audience. It’s undoubtedly a big relief for everyone because of the lower costs.

This profession is based on the interpreter’s language and interpersonal skills. And the spare time allows them to make notes, mark what needs to be highlighted, and reformulate the content to make it sound more natural in a foreign language.

It’s Not a Demanding Process

According to, “Consecutive interpreting is less demanding than simultaneous interpreting. The client can use one consecutive interpreter for a small conference, training, or seminar that only requires interpretation into one target language. This situation is all right if the event is below two hours. However, if the event will discuss technical and tough subject matters, it is best to have two interpreters.” That’s why companies are more likely to look for consecutive interpreters.

11 Common Applications of Consecutive Interpretation Services

There indeed are many situations where consecutive interpreting may play an integral role. Taking into consideration that many companies have international business partners and often expand to foreign countries, there are a whole host of new possibilities for interpreters on the horizon.

Consecutive interpreting can be used for:

• HR meetings for multilingual staff
• Press and personal interviews
Meetings between attorneys and clients
Medical consultations
Police questioning
International business meetings
Multilingual staff evaluations
Court depositions
Medical interviews
Travel tours

The Bottom Line

Consecutive interpretation can definitely elevate your firm’s professionalism when done right – and open up the content you already have to foreign audiences, helping you expand into new markets more efficiently.

Especially when it comes to conferences or video content, consecutive interpretation services will allow a much broader audience base to gain value from the insights you’re providing, helping your brand establish a strong reputation as a reliable, trustworthy, and valuable industry leader.

A good translator is essential as they will ensure that proper diction, body language, and emotions expressed during the speech are accurately conveyed in parallel to the original speaker. 

As globalism and business expansion continues to increase, there is no doubt that more businesses will take advantage of translation services to drive their international growth.


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