Coinhako, Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange seeks expansion into the Southeast Asia market, declaring its primary initiative to accelerate recruitment in various sectors.

The leading cryptocurrency exchange platform in Singapore, Coinhako announces its plan to accelerate hiring initiatives in different sectors, including institutional sales and trading, embarking on its expansion into the Southeast Asia market. Witnessing the recent market downtrend, Coinhako seeks out an opportunity to strengthen its business endeavours and further develop its digital asset ecosystem, while taking its platform to new heights, partnering with large corporates as well as high-end investors in the region.

Collin Cheong, director of corporate development at Coinhako called their recent undertaking of hiring “aggressively” a necessary step to reinforce and grow its network within SEA’s thriving crypto marketplace.

“More forward-looking institutions will be looking at this market downturn as an opportunity to get involved in the digital assets space by either investing in the asset class itself or building the necessary infrastructure to support the next step-up in digital assets adoption,” expressed Cheong.

Coinhako was founded in 2014 as an exchange platform for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and was quick to build a reputation for offering affordable prices and a user-friendly interface ideal for both newcomers and experts in the digital asset space. Being among one of the widely-recognised wallets in Asia, it envisioned for its space to provide users with a simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated way to access Bitcoin, along with a wide range of digital currencies.

Over the years, the company has expanded on their network, and anticipates to enable growth of digital asset transactions and crypto-economy across Asia.

Furthermore, Cheong highlighted Coinhako’s institutional arm has observed more activity and interest from clients like asset management firms and family offices seeking to extend their access to digital assets in Asia. Hence, despite the recent downturn, Coinhako is actively hiring as it eyes its expansion in the region, while focusing on institutions and the more wealthier clientele.

Coinhako defies the current layoff drift witnessed in the crypto market, among many other large corporates including Binance and CryptoQuant, who are also activity adding on recruitment opportunities for many in the space.


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