Honeycombers founder, Chris Edwards launches her newest venture, Launchpad, a digital networking platform that fosters the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong and Singapore. 

Hong Kong is home to one of the world’s most prosperous ecosystem for startups to establish, set off, scale out and succeed.  While the local startup network continues to face an unprecedented growth, one cannot overlook the many challenges faced during the early-stages of setting up and scaling their newly launched businesses. Launchpad was founded with a similar mission and vision to address these issues presented and create viable opportunities within the ever-prospering the startup ecosystems in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Established in early 2022 by a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Honeycombers, Chris Edwards, – Launchpad is a community-focused digital networking platform designed to empower entrepreneurs and emerging startups. It fosters a space that enables the startup community to form genuine connections, while offering learning and networking opportunities to stimulate their growth overtime.

As Asia’s first hybrid networking ecosystem, the platform was launched to support the rising demand for business incubation and the need for such digital communities, in anticipation to provide a space for businesses to develop, mentor, and build a sense of community within the ecosystem. The founder of Honeycombers Chris Edwards, spotlighted the many challenges faced by the startup founders in Hong Kong, stating that, “When we spoke to founders and researched the marketplace, one of the primary barriers to growth in business was not a lack of desire, but instead a general lack of knowledge of how to get there.”

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Among their many services offered, Launchpad will provide training and mentoring support for entrepreneurs across various fields from financial management, human resources and public relations, to business operations and system, digital marketing and branding, along with e-commerce and sustainability, and more.

Beyond training, the space offers an open and hospitable environment for new founders to voice their concerns, get informed and education, while engaging with one another to build a supportive, accountable, and well-connected network of small business in the region. “It can be a very lonely journey being an entrepreneur, and there is such a steep learning curve in so many different business areas. I hope that the community platform can reduce mental stress, increase real connection in our disconnected new world and increase the success for local entrepreneurs,” added Edwards.

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Launchpad’s digital ecosystem has so far been well-received by many founders in both Hong Kong and Singapore. Among those names, the owner of atomi, Andrew YC Tan, stated, “Starting a business is a challenge, and this ecosystem is exactly the kind of thing that can make the difference between success and failure for a SME.”

Furthermore, the community manager at Launchpad, Megha Singh emphasised on the significance of having community connectivity especially during the times of the pandemic, where many are opting to work remotely, and are imposed with various social restrictions.

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To fill that huge social void, Launchpad becomes an essential space for startups and founders to connect and thrive together.

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