DrGo, the one-stop HealthTech platform developed by Hong Kong Telecom, celebrates global recognition of its industry-leading innovation in telemedicine, securing two international awards in the past two years. 

Pioneering HealthTech platform launched by Hong Kong Telecom (HKT), DrGo, has come under the international spotlight after receiving two internationally recognised awards for its innovative solutions and breakthroughs in the telemedicine industry. The Hong Kong-based HealthTech app won the “Technology – Best Telemedicine Mobile App” award for The Global Economics Awards 2022 and secured Silver in the “Public Affairs and Social Innovation” category of the Asia Smart App Awards 2021.

Such significant global recognition has placed the platform at the forefront of innovation and professional service standards, a testament to its cutting-edge solution and ability to build close-knit communication with its customers.

DrGo provides its users with one-stop medical consultation by connecting Hong Kong-registered doctors to customers through its platform. Its network incorporates high-tech solutions that ensure the entire consultation process is seamless, encrypted, and secure. In addition to its healthcare services, users can indulge in various activities such as the Walk-to-Earn challenge, enabling them to improve and optimise their health through the DrGo app.

DrGo_HealthTech_Platform_Hong Kong


Launched in 2020, the app has expanded its reach with over 300,000 registered users in Hong Kong. Securing the acclaimed smart app awards came as a big win for the future of DrGo to strengthen its market status as the industry leader.

With a proven track record of high-quality app design and excellence in professional services, DrGo highly values customer service. In 2021, the Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence recognised its customer service team by awarding them Gold in the “Inbound Contact Centre of the Year (Living & Entertainment)” and “Mystery Caller Assessment Award (Living & Entertainment)” categories, and the Merit prize for the “Smart Service Award.”

The Chief Commercial Officer of DrGo, Ms Teresa Ng mentioned, “We are thrilled that DrGo won these two prominent international awards, which once again showcase our leadership in HealthTech. The platform is developed in Hong Kong and managed by HKT’s data centre, which is certified by ISO standards. It combines new technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to provide users with one-stop telemedicine services.”

 DrGo’s future plans will include the expansion of its services to care for chronically ill patients while launching other healthcare offerings, with an aim to provide long-term remote services for patients in the public healthcare system.


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