The booming HealthTech industry has the single goal of promoting healthy lifestyles, and it is continuously growing. Here are 8 notable HealthTech startups designed to improve the way you live.

HealthTech is the use of technology to improve services, payments, and healthcare. Nowadays, people are more health-driven and conscious than ever, and the world of HealthTech is expanding as a result.  Here is a list of 8 HealthTech startups in Hong Kong to watch. 

1. CircleDNA

Danny Yeung, the founder of Prenatics, the leading genetic testing and digital health company, created CircleDNA in 2014. The company uses Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) technology, DNA sequencing equipment, for detection. They offer DNA test kits to test for cardiovascular diseases, psychiatric disorders, cancer, allergies, diabetes, etc. With the mission to allow everyone to take control of their own health, Circle DNA is the world’s first internet diagnostics lab for genetic testing. 

HONG KONG STARTUP CircleDNA products and webpage

2. Humanscape 

Did you know pharmaceutical companies have the right to sell your medical data to commercialize your medical information? Founded in 2016, Humanscape is a HealthTech company working to avoid data brokers commercialising patients’ health data. Humanscape uses blockchain technology to collect and compile data from patients into a database. Its database allows doctors to provide better diagnoses and the creation of a patient-focused community for a better understanding of their illnesses. This establishes more opportunities for drug research and development, and provides full transparency, giving patients full control of their health data.

3. OliveX

The latest at-home fitness gadget KARA Smart Fitness is an AI smart fitness mirror which delivers an immersive and convenient fitness experience through 19 different celebrity coaches. OliveX is a digital lifestyle company that focuses on improving the health and fitness industry. Through their smart mirror, people can stream fitness classes at home with real-time feedback on their movements as well as track their progress through a fitness database.


4. LifeHub

Feeling tired all the time? Stressed from work? Burnt out from all the paperwork? Check out LifeHub, a Hong Kong-based Medical Wellness Centre located in Central. LifeHub uses advanced technology to improve wellness, fitness, and nutrition. At their Wellness Centre, they offer treatment for the hair and skin, lab tests, IV drips, supplements, and detox programmes.

5. Temi

Leading the HealthTech trend of ‘smart city’ with artificial intelligence, Tung Hing Automation announced its partnership with Robocore and their distribution of Temi, a service robot with Alexa built-in for your home, shop, or business in Hong Kong. Temi Medic can aid in not only health monitoring and mobile nursing but also provide entertainment to long term care patients, such as virtual visits with interactive exploration.

Temi Webpage, hong kong startup

6. Biotheus 

Biotheus was first founded in May 2018 in Zhuhai, Guangdong, later expanding to set up a team at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP). Biotheus is a BioTech startup focusing on the development of therapeutic antibodies to target cancer and other metabolic diseases.  With its technology and innovative research techniques, Biotheus targets finding a cure for cancer.

7. Incus 

With the goal of improving the quality of life of those who have a hearing disability, Incus developed the next generation of hearing aids, powered by Intelligent Noise Reduction technology. To make listening more comfortable, the hearing aid, Kite, automatically reduces any background noises in any noisy environment and enhances target speech. Incus has already raised 20 million HKD in funding and is continuously building its vast team.


8. Imsight Medical Technology 

Founded by a group of CUHK professors, Imsight Medical Technology was voted as one of the top 50 AI companies in China in 2017. Focusing on developing medical image analysis software, Imsight hopes its technology can provide faster and more efficient medical diagnostic tools to help aid hospitals and diagnostic centres.


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