Here is a feng shui basics guide to optimise your coworking space to make sure you are creating harmony with your environment and flourishing in your workspace. 

Feng Shui (風水 fēngshuǐ) is the meaning of “the way of wind and water”. It was originally practiced in China for over 6,000 years and has slowly become more widely accepted in western culture. This philosophy stems from the early religion of Taoism, where many believed in the importance of chi (氣 qì), a vital energy force forming parts of any living entity. Chi is made up of yin and yang elements, which are opposite but complementary forces that can not be separated. To improve the balance between these elements, feng shui is the practice of arranging pieces in living spaces to create balance with the natural world. The goal is to strive towards mental, physical, and emotional harmony between the individual and the environment. Here are some feng shui basics to arrange your coworking space to ensure good health, improve interpersonal relationships, and bring luck and prosperity to your life.

Coworking space 

Feng shui is all about creating an environment where you can thrive and be your best self. When selecting your coworking space, it is important to keep these things in mind. Take some time to think about whether or not the space invites collaboration, or if it excites you to be creative. Make sure that each space around you will serve a purpose, and do your best to create some sort of visual separation between your work and leisure. Wherever you are working, make sure you take some time to check in with yourself and your energy.

Feng Shui Basics: How to Optimise Your Coworking Space

Desk Arrangement 

Your desk represents your career. Therefore in order to take control of your career, you must be in command of your desk location. If possible, you should also arrange your desk where you can see the entrance without being directly in line with the entrance. Your desk should also not face any walls or corners as it will restrict your chances of receiving any possibilities and opportunities. If you are in an area that can not be moved, try hanging a mirror in front of your workspace to see the entrance. Besides having a desk near the entrance, it is recommended that 50% of your desk space should be cleared to avoid having your  mind influenced and become cluttered.

Know Your Elements 

In feng shui, there are five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Having each element in your desk space can extract different types of energy to your space and create a more optimal quality of living. Wooden furniture and desks are ideal, as wood represents new beginnings. For those who are seeking to improve their overall wellbeing and self nourishment, you should get brown coloured things. Those who are seeking to articulate their thoughts and find their voice, metal is usually associated with beauty and efficiency. White, grey, and metallic colours are a great way to introduce metallic qualities into your life and bring you confidence. The fourth element, water is usually there to help us and also to make deeper connections with others, by adding in dark colors, water elements, or even a picture of the ocean into your workspace can help you increase your wisdom too. With the fire element, it usually signifies a spark of inspiration and passion, adding red and fiery orange can instantly brighten up your mood and make you feel stimulated for creation.

Feng Shui Basics: How to Optimise Your Coworking Space


Having plants around your desk space can also promote flexibility, kindness, growth, and healing. Following the Bagua map, which is an energy map that divides a building into nine parts of energy centers that represents the important areas of your life. If you would like to improve more on your family or health sector, then place your plant on the east side of your desk, if you would like to improve your wealth, then you should place it on the southeast of your desk. Some of the best plants to place around your workspace are snake plants, money trees, pothos, and galathea.

Feng Shui Basics: How to Optimise Your Coworking Space

With these feng shui basics, you will be sure to have a balanced and harmonised coworking environment.


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