If you’re looking to boost your productivity, here are 7 ways to switch up your home office and integrate feng shui into your home.

The term feng shui (風水) translates literally as ‘wind-water’ in English and is pronounced “fung shway”. It is a pseudoscientific traditional practice that originated in ancient China almost 6,000 years ago and uses energy forces to create harmony between an individual and their surrounding environment.

It is said that applying feng shui to your office can help bring vibrant and prosperous energy, resulting in increased balance, focus, and productivity. Whether it be a home office, a cubicle, or even a corner office, feng shui can give you the desired energy – if you know how to apply it.

If you want to boost your productivity, here are seven feng shui tips that you can apply:

Look for a dedicated home office space

The first thing you should do is to locate where your home office will be. However, it’s not recommended that you position it in your bedroom as this prevents you from attracting prosperity.

Creating a dedicated space for working will help set boundaries between your personal and professional life. This feng shui technique has the added benefit of allowing you to disconnect from work with ease.

Additionally, it would help if you also kept yourself in contact with the outdoors. So it’s recommended that your windows face either the street or a luscious park to attract luck.

Feng Shui Productivity Tips Home Office

Choose a power position

The placement of your desk plays a vital role in feng shui.

A functional desk placement will depend on your feng shui‘s commanding position. Meaning, it should face one of your lucky directions, and there are four of them for each person. 

But as a rule of thumb, your desk shouldn’t face the wall. It also shouldn’t be directly in line with any entryway, with your back on the door. Instead, it should always face where you can see who is coming and going from the room.

If the design of your home is laid in such a way that it’s quite impossible for you to have a desk facing the door, then try hanging a mirror in front of your workspace to reflect the door, this will remove any anxiety and vulnerability that may come with having your back to it.

Beware of poison arrows

Sha chi, or ‘poison arrows’, is any offensive energy that comes from sharp angles pointed at your energy field. These poison arrows can not only weaken your energy, but negatively impact your health and well-being too.

The best way to cure poison arrows is by repositioning or removing certain furniture inside your office so that no sharp angles are pointing at you while you work, softening the negative energy around you.

When looking for the right desk, choose a design with rounded corners to better support office harmony. Accompany it with a comfortable chair with a high backing to create support and protection.

Incorporate inspiring decor

To have good feng shui and an overall nurturing vibe in your home office, we advise that you surround your office space with inspirational artwork or motivational quotes that symbolise what you want to accomplish and channel your professional goals and aspirations.

Feng Shui Productivity Tips Home Office

Choose the right colours

Colours are significant for feng shui, especially in a space like your home office. They play a huge part in shifting the energy in your home office in order to create good feng shui.

That being said, the paint colours you choose will depend on the nature of your work. For instance, a colourful wall may be conducive for a graphics designer, but not for an accountant.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a paint color for your home office:

• White or pastels help stimulate creativity
• Green represents growth
Black is associated with money
Purple represents wisdom and clarity
Earth tones help relieve stress and tension

Mind the light and air quality

There are a couple of feng shui principles you can follow to bring more energy into your space.

Make sure you have good air circulation. When the weather is good, be sure to open up the windows. Otherwise, consider buying an air purifier or simply adding plants.

Lighting is another way to improve your home office’s feng shui. A well-lit office is important because working in the dark can be draining, not to mention bad for the eyes.

While an abundance of natural light is ideal, desk lamps can provide supplementary lighting in your office, just be sure to avoid yellow-tinted and fluorescent lighting as it can bring about fatigue and cause eye strain.

Maintain a clutter-free and organised space

Decluttering your office is extremely important if you have clients who visit, as no one will take you seriously and trust you with their business if you can’t even organise your space.

Besides, feng shui posits that an overcrowded and messy office can seriously hurt your creativity as the clutter supposedly blocks the flow of positive energy and prosperity into your room. A chaotic space can also leave you feeling overwhelmed and suffocated, two things which are hardly conducive to a productive work day.

If you want to attract success, you will need to keep your office neat and orderly. Try incorporating suitable storage solutions into your space, such as filing cabinets for important documents.

Final Thoughts

Your surroundings have a deep and profound impact on your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Meanwhile, feng shui can provide a visual reminder of your space’s areas that you can improve.

But we still need to understand that success does not depend solely on prophecies or beliefs. Initiative, patience, common sense, and a positive mentality can help you go a long way.


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