Raising US$68.8 billion in funding in the first seven months of 2021, Hong Kong’s FinTech industry is at the forefront of the digitalisation of finance. Here are some of the rising FinTech startups in Hong Kong to watch.

As Asia’s financial hub, Hong Kong is home to many rising financial technology and services platforms, as well as the headquarters for multiple financial institutions in APAC. With a recent rapid adoption of digital technology, many financial technology (FinTech) startups are growing out of Hong Kong’s finance ecosystem, and are now looking for opportunities to expand their businesses locally and globally.

Hong Kong FinTech Week, the city’s annual financial technology conference, allows investment giants, potential clients, and solution providers to share their platforms and reinforce Hong Kong’s strong FinTech network. Many rising startups were in attendance, offering solutions for a variety of trending problem areas, from wealth management and cloud computing, to payment solutions and blockchain. Here are some of the rising FinTech startups in Hong Kong to watch.

FUNDMAN.AI by Contrendian

FUNDMAN.AI is the first-ever InvestTech platform to allow individual investors to manage their own portfolios at a professional level. The AI platform’s machine learning engine consists of the Modern Portfolio Theory, Capital Asset Pricing Model, Option Pricing Theory, and Factor Models as its core components- theories that were developed by Nobel Prize laureates in Economics. Contrendian’s partnership with various financial institutions and fund houses allows FUNDMAN.AI to provide the finest analytic results to its users.

FUNDMAN.AI by Contrendian


With the vision of redefining wealth management, AQUMON aims to make investment advisory more accessible and affordable through the digital aspect of their platform. As a leading FinTech startup in Hong Kong and a part of the Cyberport Incubation Programme, the Magnum Research Limited-owned investment company utilises algorithmic and big-data technology to give clients the best returns for their risk appetite. Through extensive research of the financial market and monitoring of clients’ portfolios, AQUMON guarantees top performance in Asia’s financial services hub.

AQUMON_7 FinTech Startups in Hong Kong to Watch



A rising financial service company in Hong Kong, ZETL offers management services to consultancies, recruitment agencies, and other services businesses that require close supervision of their monthly operational expenses by providing growth, payroll, and working capital financing. As APAC’s first employee platform designed for young digital companies, ZETL is looking to invest in startups that often do not have the resources they need for financing and management.

ZETL_7 FinTech Startups in Hong Kong to Watch



Divit is a digital payment platform that allows its users to monitor and schedule their expenses. The platform guarantees security, has FPS transactions integrated, giving users opportunities to earn and spend “Divit Miles,” and allows payment scheduling through its pay-later function. The FinTech startup has recently formed a partnership with Hong Kong airline company HK Express, enabling passengers to purchase their tickets through Divit online. The digital payment service allows a wider majority to purchase tickets, as it does not require the use of credit cards nor an agent, illuminating the convenience and increased accessibility of financial transactions in the future.



Regtitude Limited

Through extensive research of relevant financial markets and their utilisation of digital technologies, Regtitude Limited navigates various industries and provides the finest solutions for governance, risk management, and compliance to their clients. Regtitude’s AI-based research technology guarantees KCY, KYB, KYT, AML, & Case Management, crypto investigation, virtual asset verification, and e-identity verification for digital companies that need to solidify their influence in the market with the latest update on global regulatory and legislative developments.

Regtitude_7 FinTech Startups in Hong Kong to Watch


RD ezLink by RDpay

Founded by the former Hong Kong Monetary Authority CEO Norman Chan, RDpay has developed a digital profile management platform, RD ezLink, which allows businesses to provide, store, and manage their own entity data needed for investments. Their electronic Customer Information Repository (eCIR) system facilitates easier access to credit for SMEs through their data analytics capabilities, supplementing relevant information for credit assessment purposes. RDpay’s FinTech platform assists startups that need help in corporate profile building, corporate profile reinforcement, and corporate profile sharing for expansion. RD ezLink is designated to enhance the flow of information and credential verification for both the corporates and financial institutions.

RD ezLink

@RD Wallet Technologies

V Systems

With a clear focus on establishing databases and decentralised cloud services, V Systems allows clients to coordinate and maintain access to their infrastructure that powers blockchains. The crypto firm has also created its own digital currency, the VSYS Coin, and developed both a hot wallet and cold wallet for holders to store their coin in the most suitable way. The VSYS Coin has been listed on more than the top 10 crypto exchanges including Bitfinex, ZB, and Huobi since its launch in 2019, proving its relevance to potential asset holders in the digital currency market.

V SYSTEMS_7 FinTech Startups in Hong Kong to Watch


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