AAX cryptocurrency exchange joins the global NFT marketplace with FrankNitty3000’s The Crypto Gods NFT Series debut at Hong Kong FinTech Week. 

At Hong Kong FinTech Week 2021, AAX debuted five iconic NFT art pieces co-created with FrankNitty3000, marking the cryptocurrency exchange’s entry into the global NFT market. In vivid visual motion portrayals of “The Crypto Gods,” AAX and FrankNitty3000 juxtapose crypto celebrities with ancient gods, drawing viewers to question the mystique surrounding the blockchain realm.

God of All Treasuries_AAX_FrankNitty3000

God of All Treasuries

FrankNitty3000 is a digital artist and self-proclaimed Guerrilla Luxury Deconstructivist, and has collaborated with worldwide fashion, cosmetics, and luxury brands such as Gucci, Burberry, Louboutin and Dior. His work has been exhibited at the Gucci Garden in Florence, galleries in Amsterdam, London, Beijing and Tokyo.

FrankNitty3000 commented on the crypto and NFT world: “For me, blockchain is a technology looking for a problem to fix. I’ve been creating digital art for ages, and of course, I’ve thought about how do I actually sell, monetise that work? For me, as a digital artist, it’s interesting, but also confuses the value of my work a little bit. But generally, I think it’s good- I have the opportunity now to meet different kinds of people. Working with a crypto exchange company is not something that I would ever think I would be doing but it’s kind of awesome.” 

The Great Balancer_FrankNitty3000

The Great Balancer

Founded in 2018 and with over a million users in over 100 countries, AAX is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange to be powered by LSEG Technology and the first to make the switch to the Satoshi Standard (SATS) to drive the adoption of Bitcoin. Through “The Crypto Gods NFT Series,” AAX hopes to inspire viewers to reflect on how art, celebrities, and pop culture play a major and impactful role in the world of crypto.

Ben Caselin, Head of Research & Strategy at AAX said, “We believe it’s the right time to introduce an NFT marketplace to the AAX platform, not because the biggest players in this industry are making similar moves, but because we see enormous potential in how NFTs drive the adoption of crypto and because we see the significance of what NFTs in a wider macro context.”

“Traditional arts are a good asset class, so them becoming a digital asset, and then NFTs, relay a narrative where the technology side really meshes together very well. And that’s why opportunities like these can really happen on blockchain technology and building value through this digital art enhancement,” added Yixiang Chen, the Branding Director at AAX.

The Unguided Force in Space_FrankNitty3000

The Unguided Force in Space

For his interpretation of the Crypto Gods concept, FrankNitty3000 described his depiction as “influencers in the crypto space as esoteric, holy, bigger than life, god-like figures.”

“We wanted to have an insider commentary about the crypto world, how all these crypto celebrities are able to steer the market sentiments just by tweets, like Elon Musk. And then we have people who observe [and project] the market, like Cathie Wood, which in a way is divination. Because their knowledge reflects the the trends of the market. Thus we created this pantheon of modern crypto mythology,” commented Chen.

Bitcoin having only started in 2009, we are still in a very early primordial stage of the blockchain era. Now in 2021, we are worshipping these crypto celebrities just like early people worshipped the elementals, elevating them to celestial status. 

“At AAX, we always have to strike a balance between what we believe is a correct direction and more sustainable, and what users are actually coming for due to hype. It is exciting to see the next-stage development while exploring and promoting what we think offers solid and long-term value to our global community.” Caselin added.

The Twitter Templar_FrankNitty3000

The Twitter Templar

The exhibited Crypto Gods NFTs, have been minted on the Solana blockchain, and will be put on auction after Hong Kong FinTech Week and the Bitcoin & Beyond Virtual Summit.

Following their Crypto Gods debut, AAX will continue to explore the NFT realm, and may even create their own marketplace in the future, continuing to encourage people to reflect on the interconnection between modern society and NFTs, as well as recognise the prevalence of the growing FinTech industry. AAX will also be co-hosting alongside Forkast a Bitcoin & Beyond Virtual Summit next week on Wednesday, November 10th.

FrankNitty3000 is currently working on an exhibition, which will debut in Hong Kong next year, and travel globally. Titled “Retarded Reality” the exhibition will be a commentary on the way that people interact with digital art.

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