NFTs have taken off and gained mass popularity in the blockchain world. Stay on top of your game and get to know APAC’s rising NFT artists.

NFTs, non-fungible tokens, are special digital assets that symbolise the ownership of real-world assets such as art, music, pixels, videos, and other creations. Some NFT pieces, such as digital artwork, can be sold for high-value amounts, and use the same blockchain technology powering cryptocurrencies. However, it should be noted that NFTs are not a digital currency.

Compared to conventional artwork such as paintings, NFTs offer scarcity and verify the authenticity of just about anything digitally created. These digital artworks are considered to be of such high value for their uniqueness and absence of an exact replica. Creating and selling NFTs has become a lucrative business in the art realm, and many have delved into the industry, becoming highly anticipated NFT artists growing their reputation both inside and outside of the digital realm. Read on to learn about the APAC NFT artists you should follow. 


YUEN YUEN is a Hong Kong-based multimedia collective, consisting of DJ and singer Miss Yellow, visual artist Ferrous Wong, and producer Kavemura. The media group collaborated with Whet Records to create Asia’s first NFT album, shared globally. 

The album, Welcome to Hong Kong (W2HK), consists of several musical production pieces and a visual of a digitalised Miss Yellow accompanying the user through a cyberpunk version of Hong Kong. The visual experience portrays the bustling city with merging realities and distorting graphics. Jonathan Serbin, the Head of Whet Records, expressed the intention of such collaboration as “By merging electronic music with retro Cantonese lyrics and traditional Asian musical instruments, we hope to create a unique artistic experience where audiences can hear and feel the vibe of a city where the East meets the West, the future interconnects with the past, and modernism interacts with tradition.”

yuen yuen_Rising NFT Artists in APAC to Know

Shavonne Wong 

Representing the NFT and digital art world in Singapore, Shavonne Wong is a fashion photographer who began exploring the digital realm of art. Wong launched Gen V, her personal modelling agency, but with a twist. Unlike the contemporary modelling scene, Gen V has a team of five models, all who are virtual creations. Wong shed light on the initiative of such direction, revealing she wanted to “future-proof my career and help to further digitise the fashion industry.”

shavonne wong_Rising NFT Artists in APAC to Know

Eric Chou 

Taiwanese pop singer Eric Chou teamed up with Hong Kong photographer, Wing Shya, to debut Asia’s first-ever collaborative NFT art series. The collaboration launched as CHAOS+, merging the two artists’ love for music and photography. 

The debut series contains five photographs chosen by Chou, which were then transformed into animations by visual artists and matched with music by the pop singer himself. Chou expressed his reason for diving into the digital artscape was that “NFT brings music to a greater and safe space for art.”

eric chou_Rising NFT Artists in APAC to Know

Victor Wong 

Victor Wong is a Hong Kong multimedia artist who created the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) ink artwork, Escapism 001. The piece was created by Wong himself, and his AI robot, Gemini, in 2018. The innovative piece caught the attention of many, and was commissioned by Cathay Pacific as the front cover of its in-flight magazine. Wong’s following project, Far Side of the Moon series shows equally popular, a modern landscape painting in the traditional calligraphic style, created using varying pressures of brush strokes. The artist explained the process of creating his work with AI partner Gemini through videos of Gemini at work, dipping a brush into ink and illustrating on traditional rice paper. The painting then was translated into a digital art image. 

escapism_Rising NFT Artists in APAC to Know

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