As the new CEO of GCG Asia Advertising, John Darren Yaw will lead the group’s US expansion into the AdTech space.  

The newly appointed CEO of Singapore-based GCG Asia Advertising, John Darren Yaw will be spearheading the AdTech company’s venture in the US. Announcements of GCG’s new acquisitions are expected later in 2021. John shares a vision with the digital creative agency that technology has the potential to change lives and make brands work harder.

“We are committed to delivering innovative, creative, experience-driven solutions for our brands. I’m very excited to start this new position,” said GCG Asia Advertising CEO, John Darren Yaw, in an official announcement, “We live in a time of increased clutter and dwindling attention spans. It is critical for brands to cut through the noise and stand out. That is only possible through creativity.”

John Darren Yaw is the founder of Capital Digital Singapore, an AdTech pioneer in Asia, which GCG Asia Advertising recently acquired to forward their work in data-driven advertising. Capital Digital Singapore has a wealth of experience working with marketers to manage and optimise multimillion digital advertising budgets over the past ten years.

“In terms of creativity, digital is a gold mine that is still largely untapped. Solving brand challenges with proper insight that is supplemented by digital intuition is a powerful combination that only a small number of people are aware of, and even fewer choose to use to their advantage. This combination has always been a part of the GCG Asia Advertising DNA, and I intend to work hard to make it even more powerful,” John added.

Through his new position at GCG Asia Advertising, John aims to boost productivity and employee engagement to drive passion and inspire creativity, to grow the AdTech firm and facilitate a successful global expansion.

John added that applicability is fundamental for driving engagement. In order to create higher levels of relevance, marketers need to make use of contextual targeting which is now possible through AdTech solutions offered by GCG and other digital age advertising firms.


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