Japanese developer Glory launches electronic payment platform, BioPay, utilising mask-on facial recognition technology to enable hands-free shopping. 

Japanese tech firm Glory is trialing their new contactless payment system, BioPay, in 10 stores in Niigata. BioPay solves a pandemic-induced facial recognition problem with new technology that can spot faces even with those wearing masks.

The 10 store trial marks Glory’s aim to create a “hands-free shopping street” in the coastal city, with even Niigata Mayor Yaichi Nakahara trying out the new technology at a cafe.

“That was much faster than I’d imagined,” Nakahara said. “I would like people to experience the convenience of advanced technology through everyday services.”

Glory BioPay


In order to use Glory’s BioPay, users will need to register their face and credit card information online, which will enable to complete purchases via a tablet within seconds.

According to Glory, this is Japan’s first trial of this technology across multiple locations, that is open to anyone.

The test run comes from a subsidy offered by Niigata for tech trial programmes such as this one. Glory along with local authorities hope to encourage businesses to go digital with smoother and more efficient transactions enabled by contactless payment methods.

Tests have also been launched at other locations including Osaka’s Kindai University.

Glory is look at enabling completely unstaffed stores in Niigata, utilising their facial recognition technology to monitor customers entering and exiting the premises, planning to initiate a wider BioPay adoption through positive public reception.

Founded in 1918, Glory originally specialised in light bulb manufacturing equipment repairs. The company now produces cash handling machines and payment services which are available in banks and retailers across over 100 countries.

Glory’s BioPay pilot programme is open for the public to trial from now through February, 2022. The participating stores are offering gifts to visitors who use BioPay on a first-come-first-served basis.

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