Digital Marketing seems to be the new trend of this decade. But do you really know much about this? Go digital with Emmie to find out!

Emmie, young, smart and active woman with passion toward digital marketing knows it all. She’s an expert in this field and doesn’t want to keep this knowledge all to herself. Instead, she established Steps Training Thailand in 2014 to spread her valuable knowledge to others.


Can you tell us about your background?

I graduated from Assumption University in the area of International Business Management minor in Marketing. Then starting my career as a normal employee and working my way up as Marketing Executive in a very small firm. My family background is all about training service so at the same time that I work for others, on the weekend I have to work for my family. I started to help my dad’s business since I was 18 years old, so I got a chance to flew to Hong Kong or Singapore for some training course and that is where I learnt all about seminar system and internet marketing.

At the company I worked for, my boss gave me a very small budget to run a marketing campaign and you cannot use this tiny bit of budget for offline marketing. That was the moment I figured out that we couldn’t stick with offline marketing. After that, I started to learn how to do online market such as Facebook marketing and then went one step further by taking a Master Degree in MBA to develop my knowledge in this field.

After graduation, I came back to help my family business which was a good way to test whether digital marketing knowledge was useful or not. I set up my own curriculum called Digital Marketing for SMEs business and overall, I can say that my dad is the main inspiration to become a trainer.

How would you describe yourself?

Extreme! I’m a kind of person that takes things seriously. When I’m happy, am extremely happy. When I’m sad, am extremely sad. So I am very serious in every single thing I do.


Could you please tell us more about your company?

Steps Training is a training company where we provide training as our service. We are also calling ourselves “seminar specialist” and we have three concepts doing our seminars. The first one is “edutainment”, the seminars we do is not just sit and listen to the lecture. We mix the seminar content with the dance music, workshop and activities. The second one is the topic we are doing is only about “digital marketing entrepreneurship” so all the contents will be about this. The third one is “practical”, which means that after you finish the seminar with us, you can use the knowledge we give right away and apply it to everyday life.

What do you think about the online market scene in Thailand?

It’s actually better than what it is in the past but we still 10 years behind many other countries like Singapore and USA. There are so many Thai entrepreneurs that don’t really know about the power of online marketing. People here keeps talking about content marketing but they don’t know how to write it in a ‘quality’ way. That is why the content rarely converts into sales.

How do you foresee the future of online marketing in Thailand?

In the next 2-3 years, there will be more competition in the online market and the consumer will know more about the information. However, they will not trust the online advertising because the marketer don’t know the proper way to do the marketing digitally. So only those CEOs who are experts in online marketing will be the true winner in the market.

How can your company help the entrepreneurs?

Stepstraining is actually like a primary school for digital marketing. We are not a university that train advance things but we communicate to the client in the simplest way. We want to give them a strong foundation in online marketing, online branding and content marketing. Also train that how to use digital tools and how to set KPIs for digital marketing in order to be able to in the business. We believe that Thai brands have potential to compete with others in the market.

Nowadays lots of companies are searching for people with digital skills to work for them and we increase the supply to meet the demand in the market.

Do you have a special course to support the un-digital skill people?

Yes, right now we have the new course called “Digital Marketing Specialist” which is focusing on the offline marketers to become expert online marketers. For this course, we invite experts from digital world to be a speaker for this course. We believe that people will get full set of knowledge from this course and became experts in 36 hrs.

Any philosophy or mantras you live by when you make important decisions in your life, business and personal?

‘Every minute does matter’. This is because when I was a kid I had the symptom that I can stop breathing any minute when I’m sleeping. So this makes me realize that every minute does really matter. Every minute that I wake up and find myself breathing I have to take that chance to do everything in an extreme way.

What is it about co-working that stands out for you?

The thing I like about co-working space is meeting rooms. As my business is training so I need meeting rooms or a space that I can teach people. Moreover, we are start up company so we cannot really stand alone, we need to make some connections and working here really allow us to make more friends. We are able to walk around and mingle with other members, talk about business or even a normal chitchat.


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