Gojek becomes the first company in Vietnam to pilot Dat Bike’s electric vehicles. This partnership enables Gojek drivers to use Weaver++ motorbikes, offering significant fuel cost savings. 

Gojek and Dat Bike have partnered to introduce electric motorbikes for transportation, logistics, and food deliveries in Vietnam. This collaboration marks Gojek as the first company in Vietnam to pilot Dat Bike’s electric vehicles (EVs).

Gojek will provide its driver-partners with Dat Bikes’ Weaver++ motorbikes for their GoRide, GoFood, and GoSend services. These electric bikes offer significant fuel cost savings of up to 4 times compared to traditional engine motorbikes,.

To support the charging needs of drivers, Dat Bike offers free battery charging at community charging points in Ho Chi Minh City. Charging times vary, with a fast-charging station taking 20 minutes for rides up to 100 kilometers, and a household electrical outlet taking one hour.

Gojek and Dat Bike Revolutionize Vietnam's Mobility with Electric Two-Wheelers


Sumit Rathor, Gojek’s country general manager for Vietnam, emphasised that the partnership with Dat Bike aligns with GoTo Group’s commitment to achieve “Three Zeros by 2023” and helps the company reduce emissions while transitioning its fleet to 100% EVs.

In 2021, Gojek also formed a joint venture with energy firm TBS Energi Utama in Indonesia to accelerate EV adoption there.

Dat Bike, founded in 2019 by Son Nguyen, a former software developer from Silicon Valley, aims to bring sustainable reform to Vietnam’s transit ecosystem. They manufacture domestically-designed electric motorcycles and strive to make EVs more accessible and affordable for the wider population.

Dat Bike’s growth has attracted global investors who recognise it as a significant player in the move towards an electric future. Their emphasis on domestic production helps lower costs and improve efficiency in the region.

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