Graphite Energy, a local thermal storage startup, commences work on a groundbreaking project in Australia, showcasing the harmony between renewable energy and agriculture through agrivoltaic and greenhouse systems.

Australian startup Graphite Energy has initiated the construction of a pioneering renewable agriculture facility in central New South Wales. Valued at US$19 million, this venture stands as a collaboration between Graphite Energy and Cygnus AG.

Graphite Energy asserts the development of an exclusive thermal energy storage system designed for decarbonising industrial and manufacturing processes. While specifics about its integration into the facility are yet undisclosed, it’s presumed to harness and store solar energy.

The facility, as detailed by Graphite Energy, encompasses a 5 MW solar installation coupled with various integrated energy storage methodologies such as batteries, thermal energy storage for diverse applications like heating, cooling, and drying, along with hydrogen for substituting diesel.

Graphite Energy

With the goal of setting a replicable precedent, this project aspires to be a pioneering model not only within Australia but also globally. The aim is to showcase the coexistence of renewable energy and agricultural practices. The endeavour intends to employ innovative technologies to enable renewable energy sources while preserving farmland, according to statements provided by Graphite Energy.

The project signifies an effort to demonstrate the practical integration of renewable energy solutions within agricultural settings. Graphite Energy’s thermal storage innovation is poised to play a key role in enabling sustainable practices by efficiently storing solar power, furthering the prospects of renewable energy utilisation in the agricultural sector.

Through the implementation of agrivoltaic and greenhouse systems, Graphite Energy envisions a tangible illustration of how renewable energy and agricultural activities can synergistically coexist, offering a template for similar ventures both in Australia and overseas. This pioneering initiative represents a significant step towards advancing sustainable energy solutions without compromising agricultural land usage.

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