Green Is The New Black is bringing their Conscious Festival back to Hong Kong to inspire, educate and show their visitors some fun. Read on to know what to expect from the festival that wants to help you live a better life.

Launched in 2015 by co-founders Stephanie Dickson and Paula Miquelis, online magazine Green Is The New Black is at the forefront of bringing together ethical brands and eco-friendly consumers through their Conscious Festivals held annually across Asia. This month, they are returning to Hong Kong, spreading their inspiring message with a two-day event held at the Kerry Hotel in Hung Hom. Expect a buzzing marketplace housing sustainable brands, vegan food and drinks, and game-changing talks held with sustainability leaders around Asia. “We want people to leave with tangible actions they can do on a daily basis,” explains Stephanie. “There is power in numbers and by taking #LittleGreenSteps we can collectively change the world.”

Green Is The New Black

The duo started their Conscious Festival because they saw a lack of answers being given to an increasingly vocal community with an increasing number of questions. “The issue is not that we don’t hear about pollution and climate change. The problem is that we do not know what to do,” says Paula. “We know we are part of the problem, but do not know how to be part of the solution.” This is where the festivals step in – to arm people with knowledge and empower them to start their own sustainability journeys.

Now held annually in Singapore and Hong Kong, The Conscious Festival is growing. While their Hong Kong launch last year drew in 4,500 attendees, this year they’re expecting 5,000 visitors and 60 speakers. Visitors will able to shop a marketplace brimming with 100 vendors across health, wellness, food, beauty and fashion. LUSH, one of the world’s leading eco-friendly beauty brands, will be holding workshops. Food will be on offer thanks to award-winning restaurant group Maximal Concepts. “We’re also taking some steps forward with our own sustainability impact,” says Paula of their vegan and zero waste event.  

Green Is The New Black

The truly game-changing elements on offer are to be found in the festival’s talks. Divided into four sessions: Live, Work, Consume, and Travel, they will be “packed full of juicy, actionable insights that will empower you to change your life,” explains Paula. Notable speakers include environmental advocate David Yeung from Green Monday and sex educator Sara Tang of the Better in Bed podcast. You’ll also be able to enjoy 20 edutainment booths hosted by NGOs, yoga sessions led by fitness expert and TV host Liv Lo, live entertainment and organic drinks.

Paula’s hope is that, by combining fun and social environmental responsibility, the Conscious Festivals can ignite guests’s sustainability journeys. “As individuals, we have the power to change the world! Our single actions collectively matter. We hope that you will join us and spread the word about Green Is The New Black so that together, we can be the catalyst for change.”

Green Is The New Black

Event Details

13 April (09:45 am – 9:00 pm) – 14 April 2019 (09:45 am – 7:00 pm)
Kerry Hotel, 38 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom Bay, Hong Kong

The festival is free to enter, with tickets required for talks.
For all updates, check out The Conscious Festival website.