Founded by former photographer and Hive member Lee Powers, Happy Bikes is making waves in retail stores in town.

How many face-first falls and grazed elbows does a child go through learning to ride a bike? Happy Bikes Founder Lee Power considered that question and saw an opportunity in the market for affordable and a chance to generate happiness for children with stylish and colourful bikes.

Designed to, literally and figuratively give children a push – using only their feet against the ground and a tiny spark of confidence. Affectionately known as balance bikes, children aged between 2 – 6 years old are falling in love with the brightly coloured wheels and will be pedaling along on their own two feet in no time.

Happy Bikes’ range of high-quality balance bikes are built specially to make learning to ride a bike fun and easy for any kid. From toddlers to young children, these balance bikes are perfect for children of any age.

Happy Bikes are stable, tough and beautifully designed. The balance bikes from Happy Bike are also lightweight and can be assembled easily making it extremely portable. Get started with these bikes now! Make it easier for your kid to learn how to ride a bicycle.



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