Chris Lee, one of the most experienced healthcare Healthcare Executive inaugurates VentureBlick, a fundraising platform and community targeting and empowering early-stage healthcare startups through funding, development, and endorsement opportunities. 

Chris Lee, ranked amongst Singapore’s well-recognised healthcare executives, has held many prestigious positions, including President of Medtronic Asia Pacific and Head of Bayer Healthcare Asia Pacific. The renowned healthcare executive is now the pioneer of healthcare fundraising platform, VentureBlick, aiming to transform the startup ecosystem through funding and community building initiatives.

The platform intends to educate, fund, and endorse healthcare startups, and help them connect with the right medical investors, with both experience and expertise in the field for long term relationship building – not just as funders merely, but to take on advisory and potential customers roles.

VentureBlick is a startup aiming for an Initial Public Offering (IPO). It offers healthcare startups a chance to get funding, professional market insight, and product testing and validation opportunities. It aims to build a professional community of new innovators and medical investors. Medical investors are key it their platform’s success, playing an important role in the healthcare ecosystem.

Understanding the diverse struggles of healthcare startups, from quality, regulations, to other clinical requirements in the medical sector, the founder designed the platform to actively address those challenges. Through its curated space, startup founders are empowered to focus on developing and validating their products rather than worrying over capital and fundraising-related concerns. Its community drive extend support on various areas, including providing guidance and assistance for their product development.

Founder and CEO at VentureBlick, Chris Lee, mentioned, “Healthcare startups deserve a more specialised and effective support system because the ecosystem they operate in is very unique. This inspired me to create a platform where startups can meet their future customers so they can nurture new innovations together. After 30 years in the healthcare industry, I see a huge unmet need here and hope VentureBlick can help narrow the gap.”

Healthcare Fundraising Platform

VentureBlick foresees partnerships with various institutional investors. Its offering will help screen and de-risk early-stage startups, develop, and ready them for later-stage development.

VentureBlick currently operates in Singapore, Australia, Korea, and the US, and is anticipating grow and scale its operations into China’s healthcare market, early next year. The fundraising platform will fully begin its operations around early 2023, and calls interested healthcare startups and medical professionals to pre-register their interest at

VentureBlick will also be launching their proprietary venture capital fund, the VB Healthcare Fund, to support and fund promising startups in the sector and grow the healthcare ecosystem in APAC.


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