There are several local craft breweries in Hong Kong, each with their own uniquely delicious beer. Many infuse local sentiments and flavours to ensure their brews represent their Hong Kong roots.

Hong Kong is home to a variety of local craft breweries, many of which employ the use of local ingredients and nostalgic flavours. Whether you prefer IPAs, fruity brews, or dark stouts, there are plenty of these uniquely Hong Kong craft creations for you to sample and enjoy. Here are the best local craft beers you can find in Hong Kong. 

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Two Many Dollars Double IPA 

Named after the large birds that swoop between Hong Kong’s iconic skyscrapers, Black Kite Brewery boasts an impressive collection of beers, including their double IPA (IIPA). With an alcohol percentage of 8.8%, just one Two Many Dollars Double IPA will make you feel like you are soaring. This beer has a distinctly tropical flavour fueled with different kinds of hops, making for a strong, yet refreshing flavour. Two Many Dollars Double IPA is available online and at select supermarkets.

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Crazy Rich Lupulins 

Carbon Brews is an employee-driven creative-minded brewery that pushes the boundaries of standard hoppy beverages. Crazy Rich Lupulins is an IPA with a tropical twist, with a very ripe flavour that has hints of mango and passionfruit. Crazy Rich Lupulins is available online and at select supermarkets.

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Tough Lady IPA

Citibrew HK is a local brewery hoping to represent the intricacies of this city with their craft. According to Citibrew, Tough Lady IPA demonstrates the strong women of Hong Kong. It is brewed with sichuan peppercorns and orange peel – two delicately powerful flavours, perfectly representing the city’s dynamic and impressive ladies. Tough Lady IPA is available online and at select supermarkets.

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Ruby Roselle Gose 

MiMi Beer takes bold local ingredients and flavours to create delicious brews in their trademarked MiMi the panda-logoed bottles. This Ruby Roselle Gose is a fan favourite with its fresh taste and fruity finish. The roselle after-taste leaves no bitterness on the tongue, but a lightness that leaves you wanting more. Tomy Fong, the craft beer master behind Mimi Beer describes it as having “fine and elegant like wine!” Ruby Roselle Gose is available online and at select supermarkets.

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Mango Sticky Mango Imperial Gose 

This Yardley Brothers brew takes inspiration from the classic Thai dessert, Mango Sticky Rice, that also maintains its popularity in Hong Kong. The Mango Sticky Mango Imperial Gose is brewed with mangoes and coconut, but also has hints of sticky saltiness from the rice element of the dish. Described by Yardley Brothers as “a mouth-watering, juicy explosion of the senses,” this beer was re-released in 2021 due to high demand. Mango Sticky Mango Imperial Gose will be available online and at select supermarkets. Check out The Beer Shack for more Yardley Brothers and other craft beers. 

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Lion Rock Signature Pale Ale

Lion Rock Brewery draws inspiration from the Lion Rock Spirit, a diligent and unwavering fighter. The brewery has produced some excellent beers since its opening in 2015, but the Lion Rock Signature Pale Ale shines as a refreshing yet complex beverage. It has a peachy aroma, with undertones of gooseberry and resin, marrying fruity lightness and a heavier flavour common to pale ales – a perfect representation of a Hong Kong beer. Lion Rock Signature Pale Ale is available online and at select supermarkets and bars.

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Earl Grey Amber Ale

A classic English ale infused with a classic English tea, the Earl Grey Amber Ale is a hoppy and malty brew with a bitter hint of bergamot lingering in the background, perfect to unwind at the end of a long day. Tai Wai Beer demonstrates that you can indeed brew tea and beer at the same time. Earl Grey Amber Ale is available online and at select supermarkets.

Gentleman Stout 

The Gentleman Stout is a signature of Citibrew HK and employs traditional dried red date and longan flavours. Despite these fruity elements, the stout is dark and silky, with a classic coffee, chocolatey smokiness with an aftertaste “so gentle you can’t bear to let it go.” Gentleman Stout is available online and at select supermarkets.

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Wheat Beers & Lagers

Jasmine and Passionfruit 

Specialising in infusing beers with tea leaves, Tai Wai Beer’s Jasmine and Passionfruit wheat beer is fruity and summery in flavour, with hints of jasmine green tea. It is a light beverage at only ABV3.2% – perfect for a hot Hong Kong day! Jasmine and Passionfruit wheat beer is available online and at select supermarkets.

Sushi Wit 

This beer was specifically designed by MiMi Beer to be paired with sushi and sashimi, with the aim of bringing out the umami flavours of Japanese cuisine because of the richness of its mineral taste of the Sushi Wit. Additionally, the beer has a fresh and sweet aftertaste that can neutralise the lingering burning aftertaste of wasabi beautifully, finely complementing Japanese dining. Sushi Wit is available online and at select supermarkets.

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Michelia x Alba 

The nostalgia for the Michelia flower in Hong Kong is sweet and pure, much like this beverage developed by Mak’s Beer in partnership with Hong Kong Distillery. Michelia x Alba has a floral and fragrant flavour, due to the fact that it is brewed with the Michelia plant, a flower that is a definitive part of springtime in Hong Kong. The aroma lingers in Hong Kongers’ minds, and this beer is suitable for anyone that is longing for the warmer season to return. Michelia x Alba is available online and at select supermarkets.

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El Crispy Boi

Carbon Brews’ refreshing Mexican-style lager, El Crispy Boi, is the perfect accompaniment to tortilla chips and salsa, with a very slight hoppiness, balanced with lime to leave a dry crisp and refreshing finish. A popular choice to share among friends, El Crispy Boi will brighten up any meal or get together. El Crispy Boi is available online and at select supermarkets.

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