Taiwanese tech giant HTC announces the release of its first-ever “Metaverse Smartphone,” the Desire 22 Pro, enabling users to enter the metaspace through HTC’s “Viverse” ecosystem. 

In the modern age of rapid digitalisation and innovation, tech companies are taking the lead in developing and exploring the endless possibilities of new emerging technologies. Trailblazing through the Metaverse, Taiwan’s leading high-tech electronics company, HTC, has launched the first “Metaverse Smartphone,” the company’s newest invention compatible with their “Viverse” ecosystem, allowing users to enter and explore the meta-realm.

Launched in late June, the Desire 22 Pro Smartphone is designed to offer NFT and crypto functionality and high interconnectivity, providing an immersive experience of physical, digital, as well as virtual spaces. In addition, users can switch from one of these spaces to another seamlessly. The Metaverse Smartphone has also been designed to further enable customers to easily manage their crypto-wallets, NFTs, and other decentralised products.

HTC Launches “Metaverse Smartphone”


The new device comprises of various modes and functions to offer effortless transition and optimised navigation of the metaspace, including access to the company’s proprietary Metaverse platform- Viverse, and by extension to their state-of-the-art reality (XR) devices, such as the HTC Vive Flow headset, alongside other dynamic and versatile features. Moreover, the Viverse application facilitates the process of entering the metaverse, offering users easy access to create their own virtual zones, alongside making crypto transactions and purchasing NFTs from its marketplace.

Labelled as the companion device to the HTC Vive Flow headset, which launched in March, the Metaverse Smartphone captures the essence of the virtual experience, augmenting the process through its screencasting capabilities. Furthermore, users can access various mobile apps developed for the phone to encounter immersive and integrative virtual reality (VR) experiences in art, cinema, games, and more.

The new smartphone also comes with many unique specifications, which include 8GB RAM and 12GB internal storage space, its blockchain-backed 5G capabilities, and a built-in crypto wallet that supports digital currencies such as Polygon and Ethereum.

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