The ongoing pandemic has transformed the way we work forever, paving the way for innovative solutions and a shift away from the traditional. Flexible arrangements reinforced by rapid-developing technological advancements are the future of the way we work. 

As we enter into 2022 with some sense of uncertainty as to how the year will turn out, industries are now realigning themselves from temporary pandemic-induced solutions to long-term corporate strategies. The onset of Covid-19 influenced every individual, business, and government, from travel restrictions to supply chain disruptions, and in the wake of a new variant, these changes are likely to stay. So what can businesses do to maintain their operations, and even push growth? 

The pandemic exposed the importance of our health and wellbeing as individuals. For businesses, the potential of flexible working, such as work from home hybrid solutions, is a priceless opportunity to shift the way we operate. Prior to the pandemic, most businesses still functioned on the value of in person work and interactions; now, we can see the advantage of working from home for productivity, and the reach of online networking. 

Enterprise Tech-Enabled Hybrid Working Solutions

Multinational corporations are leading this shift, household names like Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft offering permanent remote work options for their employees. Okta CEO Todd McKinnon made a company-wide announcement encouraging all staff to share their vacation plans with him personally- a much needed reminder as the world faces pandemic burnout. In June 2021, Bumble’s CEO gave a week of paid vacation to every employee. 

As the importance of employee wellbeing and engagement resurfaces in the wake of the pandemic, companies are working harder to ensure that health is put first. For many, this involves new management strategies and flexible solutions that work for both employer and employee. In order to facilitate this smoothly, technology needs to be optimised to ensure quality communication and productivity, and for when teams come into the office to work, an environment that empowers them to innovate and thrive together.

Simultaneously, while businesses have undergone prolonged quarantine periods and enforced social distancing protocols, traditional leases are not providing the same value they once had. The time that employees do spend in office, they are less engaged and motivated due to prolonged distanced periods and a less active team spirit. As a result, companies are seeking venues that can accommodate flexible working and foster that thriving office environment that leads to creativity and innovation. 

This is where coworking spaces and flexible work operators come in- already experts in alternative office environments and expansive network providers, they are the perfect stage to bring your company into the future of work. 

future of work

The Hive, a flexible workspace provider across the Asia Pacific region, offers unique boutique working environments for a wide range of professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Well-loved for the sense of community the brand brings with countless networking opportunities, events, and beautifully designed spaces, the Hive now offers hybrid work solutions

hybrid working solutions

Going beyond traditional working- or coworking, these solutions are tech-enabled to create a personal experience tailored to you and your team. Whether a company is seeking a space part time for their employees to thrive in, would like to optimise their coworking experience, or even take the unique aspects offered by the Hive into their own office, the benefits of flexible working are that anything is possible. 

Through a white label workforce management platform that can be curated to your company and its needs, the Hive offers bespoke solutions for your team and space utilisation requirements. Global productivity could not have been achieved without the benefits of technology. A mass digitisation is evidence enough that your business needs to to take these short term tech-enabled solutions and apply them permanently. Digital adoption is no longer an option businesses can miss out on anymore, and the sooner you move your company online, the more productive and better you can reinforce your company regardless of what the future may hold. 

As we progress into a post-pandemic world, technological growth will transform our new normal, opening up opportunities for faster and more efficient operations, boosted productivity amongst empowered staff, hyperfunctional workspaces, and tech-enabled hybrid working solutions.

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