JAH Cultura, a new DeepTech startup based in Singapore, takes a step forward to revolutionise the agriculture ecosystem with its proprietary sustainable AgriTech solution that boosts harvests for farmlands.

Delivering an innovative sustainable AgriTech solution, JAH Cultura, a DeepTech startup founded in Singapore, is working to cultivate food sustainability and boost food security across the region. Increased climate instability has posed a constant threat to agricultural and aquaculture yields, and JAH Cultura’s newly developed solution is revolutionising the agricultural landscape. By incorporating its proprietary ceramic-alloy technology, Unitatem CULTURA ™, growth is improved, resulting in a surge of harvest produced for farmers.

In addition, the solution builds towards sustainability in agriculture by accelerating plant development and boosting yield without any additional electricity consumption.

Founded by parent company, JAH Tech, JAH Cultura has been added to its wide portfolio of cutting-edge technologies and impactful environmental projects. The new enterprise is expanding its scope to explore the future prospects of sustainable food networks through its proprietary tech-solution stemming from deep-tech research 20 years in the making.

In 2021, JAH Cultura collaborated with the Republic Polytechnic‘s Agriculture Technology Department to test and verify the feasibility of Unitatem CULTURA™. They examined the effects of its treated water-soluble on the growth of vegetables, observing a 21.42% increase in yield of the treated Bok Choy seeds, while Bok Choy plants nurtured in the treated water showed an increased yield of 18.5%, under laboratory conditions.

Tan Chong Hui, the CEO and Co-founder of JAH Tech, commented, “The results from our third-party research institutes on Unitatem CULTURA™ exceeded our expectations. They show that our technology has the potential to help solve farming issues such as low crop yield by as much as 21 per cent from just exposing seeds and water to our technology.”

JAH Cultura_Deep Tech Startup

“As a sustainable solution, Unitatem CULTURA™ doesn’t require additional energy sources because the field emitted from the ceramic-alloy field is a naturally occurring wave frequency. It interacts directly with the water supply, rearranging molecular structure of water for easy absorption, which accounts for the accelerated plant yield,” Tan added.

Singaporean commercial urban farm Farmer Nick is the first to partner and benefit from this proprietary technology by introducing it to their farms in Singapore and Cambodia.

Moreover, to educate the local youth on sustainable urban farming, JAH Cultura will organise visits to different primary schools in the region coming July under the Nature’s International Commodity (NIC) school integration programme.


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