OTS Holdings launches ANEW, a new homegrown alt protein brand with plant-based lunch meat, with the lowest fat and calories, and highest protein count in the market. 

Singapore’s pioneering food manufacturing group, OTS Holdings, has launched a new homegrown plant-based brand, ANEW. Offering 100% plant-based products, the FoodTech firm aims to make irresistible foods healthier, starting with their vegan lunch meat. 

ANEW’s flagship product is already delivering “Better Food Forward” as it is not only non-GMO, cholesterol, trans-fat, and added preservatives free, but also the lowest fat and calories and has the highest protein count in the alternative protein lunch meat market.

Singapore's OTS Holdings Launches Plant-Based Lunch Meat Brand, ANEW

Kicking off with three signature flavours, ANEW is available in “Classic,” aromatic and spicy “Black Pepper” or rich and smoky “Barbecue” (BBQ). The plant-based lunch meat is made from wheat, soy protein, vegetable juice, and Eucheuma seaweed, creating the same texture of lunch meat without compromising taste. Available at an affordable price, ANEW was designed to make plant-based eating accessible to all, hoping to encourage customers to take action to reduce their carbon footprint, preserve water and land, and save the planet.

The versatile product can be enjoyed on its own as a tasty snack, sliced into wedges or chunks, then fried or toasted. Just like its traditional counterpart, ANEW’s plant-based lunch meat is the perfect addition to many dishes, such as local favourites beehoon, chee cheong fan, nasi lemak, or fried rice. The Black Pepper flavour could offer a unique kick to Asian classics such as Korean army stew or Hong Kong-style chan dan meen (餐蛋面), whilst BBQ is an instant classic when added to sandwiches, pizzas, pot pies, and frittata. 

Singapore's OTS Holdings Launches Plant-Based Lunch Meat Brand, ANEW

ANEW is currently available in select FairPrice outlets, and online channels such as Shopee, Qoo10, LazMall and fairprice.com.sg.

Singapore's OTS Holdings Launches Plant-Based Lunch Meat Brand, ANEW


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