Growthwell Foods in Singapore launches plant-based chicken and fish alternatives under new brand HAPPIEE!. 

Growthwell Foods, a leading manufacturer of plant-based meat and seafood alternatives for the Southeast Asian market, has launched a new alternative meat brand, HAPPIEE!. The aim of this venture is to spread positivity and inspire consumers to have an active lifestyle, following HAPPIEE!’s motto, “Eat Good, Feel Good.”


Established in 1989, Singapore-based Growthwell Foods is Asia’s leading plant-based nutrition company. Growthwell is well-versed in developing authentic Asian flavours, and continues to pave the way for innovation in the plant-based food industry. The company has developed over 100 products in the last 30 years, pioneering a growing range of plant-based meat and seafood products. The company’s primary focus is nutrition, and HAPPIEE! is an extension of that goal. 

HAPPIEE! is manufactured in Growthwell’s Innovation, and Research and Development Manufacturing Centre, located in the JTC Foodhub Senoko. This facility is Singapore’s first completely automated large-scale production line for plant-based products, where one can find the first production-scale High Moisture Extrusion (HME) line in Singapore. This HME enables Growthwell to improve the texture of plant-based meat and seafood products, for example, the flakey texture people are accustomed to in fish. 

fish katsu_happiee

The plant-based products do not compromise on flavour, and highlight a mouthfeel as from real fish and meat, that is often missing from alternative protein sources. HAPPIEE! is also affordable, enabling people to embrace a plant-based diet more easily, and reduce their carbon footprint, preserve water and land, and make a difference for our environment. 

There are four products available in the HAPPIEE! range – two chicken and two fish. The Chickiee Nuggets and Chickiee Popcorn are soy-based products, while the Fishiee Sticks and Fishiee Patties are made with konjac, a food product that is naturally free of cholesterol, high in fibre and low-calorie. It also helps to lower blood sugar and cholesterol. Both types of meat alternative are free of trans fat. HAPPIEE! caters to both consumers and chefs, with other products including Salmoniee Flakes and their Crabbiee Patty. 

crabbiee patty_happie!

HAPPIEE! is available for purchase at select FairPrice and Cold Storage supermarkets at prices ranging from SG$5.25 to SG$8.45 per pack. In addition, the company’s products are featured on menus across Singapore as permanent fixtures, such as at Ola Beach Club, and BBBurgers


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