A recent U.S. News survey unveiled Japan as a global top 10 country, ranking sixth in the world overall. Explore the rankings, factors influencing them, and differing viewpoints on key global issues.

In a recent report by U.S. News, Japan has secured a place as a top 10 country in the world. The survey collected insights from over 17,000 individuals residing across 36 different nations.

According to the survey results, the United Kingdom holds the coveted title of the world’s best nation, as per American participants. Following closely behind are New Zealand, the United States, Australia, Sweden, Canada, Japan, France, Switzerland, and Germany, with Japan ranking sixth in the top 10 list. 

Delving into the factors shaping these rankings, the annual survey revealed that the United States has shifted from its previous top spot to the fifth position this year. American participants expressed a high regard for the U.S. in categories such as entrepreneurship, consumer brands, access to capital, and cultural entertainment. However, they exhibited lower confidence in areas pertaining to transparency in government and business practices, the tax environment, and income equality. On global issues, the participants generally aligned with international sentiments, emphasising the significance of mental health care, women’s rights, history education, and the value of a free press and democracy.

Japan Top 10 country


The influence of political affiliations within the U.S. became evident in differing levels of agreement on various statements, notably regarding topics like racial and ethnic diversity and the country’s prioritisation of its interests over aiding others.

Looking at the global perspective, Switzerland emerged as the world’s best country overall, according to international participants.

As perceptions evolve, the annual survey by U.S. News provides a noteworthy barometer of shifting opinions on the global stage. Greater appreciation of Japanese culture and business practices by Americans will open up more trade and investment opportunities that can stimulate economic growth and development in Japanese communities.

Japan top 10 country ranking_Japan Earns Place in Global Top 10 Best Country Ranking


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