For the ultimate junk day out on the Hong Kong waters, you need a hearty meal. Check out our list of the best Hong Kong junk catering deals to call on.

From Thai BBQs to tapas feasts, healthy fare and French delicacies, there’s a catering company that will deliver just about any lunch you could want for a day at sea. Read on to discover where to head for what. 


If you’re looking for a caterer that has an option for everyone – at a decent price, Gingers’s Simple Junk Menu proffers two healthy menu options. Guests get to choose between two set menus, whether it’s wraps or rice you’re in the mood for. Perfect for the indecisive ones!

Insider Tip: If you and your crew want to spend the day really relaxing, Gingers provides the option of booking a waiter for your day at sea.

Minimum order: 20 people
Packages start at: HKD 275 per person

More details on the multicultural menu here.

Monsieur CHATTÉ

For those keen on some French fare whilst cruising the open seas, head to the Monsieur CHATTÉ deli. Specialists in proper Gallic cuisine, they will provide you with a full feast, taking in all the classics from brie and baguettes to a charcuterie platter, not to mention plenty of salads, pates and quiches. Bon Appétit!

Insider Tip: For only HKD 42, complete your meal with La Chouette (apple juice cider, gluten-free). 

Minimum order: 10-20 people, depending on the menu you opt for
Packages start at: HKD 150-350 per person

For more French goodness, click here.

Hong Kong Junk Catering Deals Hive Life Sandwich Prawn Cracker

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If zesty kimchi fried rice and crispy pork dumplings sound like the treats you and your friends would nibble on whilst cruising at sea, TaKorea’s impressive catering menu is the answer to a Picante junk meal. With an array of catering sets to choose from, including the Tako Party Pack and the Burrito Box, this fast food joint is geared up to take your tastebuds on a hot adventure. 

Insider Tip: For an entertaining junk experience, settle for the Make Your Own Tako’s catering package.

Packages start at: HKD 15 per person

For more information on minimum order figures, click here.


Not looking to break your healthy habits? The NOSH Junk Platter provides you with the healthy option. Whether it’s tandoori chicken, zucchini & pesto sliders or beef rendang curry with coconut rice, you can be sure everything on offer has been created to keep you on the healthy track. 

Insider Tip: Free delivery for orders above HKD 2,000! Satisfy that tummy already.

Minimum order: 25 people
Packages start at: HKD 150 per person

For a clearer insight into this healthy caterer, click here.

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Junk Catering Deals Hong Kong Takorea Nosh

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Covering all the bases, Zebratasty is a good choice for a large group who loves a feast. Check out their Cool as Cucumber and Cocktail Dinner junk packages – they offer everything from sliders to pasta, kebabs to tortilla chips, chicken wings and more.

Insider Tip: To make your own feast, go a la carte.

Minimum Order: 30-40 people
Packages start at: HKD 180 per person for a group of 15

For more details, click here.

Invisible Kitchen

Known as Hong Kong’s Greenest Caterer, here’s another company ideal for those looking for a guilt-free meal with a bit of an ethnic twist. With wholesome gourmet meals, indulge in some tuna mayo, chicken tikka pasta, and Moroccan lamb tagine that come in compostable dining ware. 

Insider Tip: Free delivery to Hong Kong Island for orders above HKD 5000.

Minimum Order: 15-20 depending on the menu you opt for
Price Range: HKD 100-350 per person

More delicious details here.

Hong Kong Junk Catering Deals

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Specialising in home-cooked, scrumptious bread, at KNEAD the bread options certainly do not end. The team behind KNEAD concoct the freshest ingredients which are what lead to their delicious baguettes and artisan sandwiches, perfect for a refreshing day at sea.

Insider Tip: To satisfy your sweet tooth, we’d recommend their Regular Lunch Set which includes sandwiches/wraps, salads and brownie bites!

Package starts at: HKD 98 per person

More details on minimum order figures here.

M Cuisine

Transport yourself to the sub-tropics with Mediterranean catering specialist M Cuisine’s three menus. Adventurous and varied, check them out for a different take on our average junk lunch. 

Insider Tip: For a Spanish take on things, try their Tapas Fiesta

Minimum Order: 8-20 people depending on the package you opt for
Packages start at: HKD 150-590 per person

For more mouthwatering Mediterranean dishes, click here.

Junk Catering Deals Hong Kong Knead M Cuisine

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Westwood Carvery

Sitting on the higher end of the list with prices to match, Westwood Carvery’s tender and juicy ribs are a popular splurge. The people to go to for high-quality meats from a whole ham to beef short ribs, these guys won’t leave you hungry. 

Insider Tip: Check out their extensive wine menu to finish off your feast. 

Packages start at: HKD 268 for 12 pcs finger foods

For more juicy details, click here.


The mastermind behind Fat Legs’ BBQ brings the best of Thailand’s mouth-watering street food to Hong Kong. Exploding with flavour, their BBQ Packs let you choose between Thai Gai Yang (BBQ chicken) and Sai Oua (smoked Thai pork and herb sausage) amongst other zesty options.

Insider Tip: 48 cans of HKD 340 Singha beer to add to your junk package? We’re impressed.

Packages start at: HKD 135 / 500 grams

More information on order details here.

Hong Kong Junk Catering Deals

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