According to a recent research study, almost 50% of all marriages end in divorce in The United States and 35% in Japan. To prevent the numbers from rising and from being the statistic, Tokyo-based rental company Kasoku is marketing its fully furnished flats as a temporary escape from marriage tension due to being in the same room during coronavirus government implemented lockdown. The company is advising and urging their customers to consult with the firm before considering to file for a divorce.

Kasoku’s decision comes in response to the trending #coronadivorce hashtag as disgruntled couples air out their grievances on various social media platforms in Japan. This not only prevents couples from divorcing, it also helps aids in decreasing the number of domestic violence as well. The coronavirus pandemic has increased financial strain and forced families to live in close proximity to each other, leading to greater interpersonal tensions. 

The Japan’s government has recently extended its state of emergency, which was first declared on 16 April,  and lasts until the end of May in response to the pandemic. The nation’s stimulus package now includes a ¥100,000 universal cash handout scheme for all residents.  

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