Kikitrade, a Hong Kong-based crypto startup secures US$6 million in tactical funding round, co-led by AppWorks and Media Asia. 

With the US$6 million raised in its most recent funding round, cryptocurrency and social investment startup, Kikitrade, intends to deploy the investments into global expansion. The crypto startup plans to broaden its advancement to Southeast Asian markets, after having embarked into the Middle Eastern crypto-space last year.

The Animoca-backed startup was founded in 2020 and has established itself as a leading social and crypto investment platform. It provides an all-inclusive community with flexible savings plans and strategic portfolio management for its users.

To support its expansion pursuits, the company will focus on reinforcing its team development and opportunities with a growth plan to exceed 100 workers by the end of this year. Product innovation is another area to be addressed on their agenda, as they aim to provide users with a promising SocialFi experience.

Kikitrade also shared the platform’s initiative to build more interactive and educational quests for their audiences, by introducing community engagement with key opinion leaders (KOLs), cryptocurrency exchanges’ CEOs, as well as media personnel.

Crypto Startup Kikitrade cofounder

Additionally, the crypto startup has announced its partnership with Media Asia in a new joint venture opportunity to launch the “Kiki NFT Platform”.

With the company’s rich scope of expertise and resources in the space, the NFT platform will help drive creative talents and organisations to integrate blockchain technologies as they strive to reinvigorate the space of entertainment and technology for the new era.

Sean Tao, the Co-founder and CEO of Kikitrade stated “The strategic investors introduced will help enrich Kikitrade’s resources in the ‘social investment’ and Social-Fi areas, and will continue to make it more manageable and effortless for the general public to understand cryptocurrencies and develop a sense of camaraderie in the community so that crypto investing is no longer lonely.”

Presently, Kikitrade serves over 200 thousand users from around the Asia Pacific (APAC) region including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and Australia. The current expansion plans on the ways will allow the crypto startup to scale its growth and boost its reach further.


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