NFT exhibition “Of Nods and Nodes” opens at Q9 Crypto Hub in collaboration with Digital Art Fair Asia featuring renowned and emerging digital artists.

Cryptocurrency investment platform Q9 Capital has teamed up with Digital Art Fair Asia (DAFA) to launch a new NFT exhibition, “Of Nods and Nodes.” Featured DAFA digital artists’ works will be showcased at the Q9 Crypto Hub in Central until March 19th, 2022.

DAFA hosted the world’s first fair featuring new media and NFT art offering an impressive and immersive experience, hosting 25,000 visitors in 2021. Bringing back some of their popular artists and introducing new emerging ones, Q9 Capital and DAFA are bringing the realm of digital and NFT art to Hong Kong at “Of Nods and Nodes.”

Gillian Howard, the Co-founder of Digital Art Fair Asia, commented, “Of Nods and Nodes is an exclusive curation from exceptional local and international digital artists. This unique concept bridges the gap between the physical and digital art world. The Q9 Crypto Hub is a great space to display new media art and to educate and inspire the next generation of artists and collectors.”

Q9 Crypto Hub DAFA NFT Exhibition_Refik Anadol: 'Quantum Memories Possibilities'

‘Quantum Memories Possibilities’ by Refik Anadol

Renowned digital artist, Refik Anadol, displays a bold art piece created with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) technology. Anadol’s signature style utilises cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to generate mind-bending and surreal dreamscapes that entrance viewers with vibrant colours and flowing biomorphic forms.

Hong Kong-based artists Derry Ainsworth and Nick Teeple return to DAFA’s popup exhibition with mesmerising tech-enabled art pieces. Ainsworth’s works display multimedia moving immersive collages that invite you to step into his colourful reflections while Teeple demonstrates his use of innovative technology to actualise kaleidoscopic and metamorphic visuals.

Q9 Crypto Hub DAFA NFT Exhibition_Nick Teeple: 'Red Flower'

‘Red Flower’ by Nick Teeple

Emerging artists Rain Chan and Jonathan Liu join the exhibition with Chan introducing alluring and eerily familiar AI-generated art pieces and Liu introducing digital representations of his photographic experiences.

James Quinn, the Managing Partner of Q9 Capital, shared, ‘The original Digital Art Fair was an enormous success and highlighted the sheer scale and appetite in the market for digital art and NFTs. At Q9, we are delighted to be partnering again with Digital Art Fair and to be involved with a pioneering addition to Hong Kong’s art calendar.’

Q9 Crypto Hub DAFA NFT exhibition_Jonathan Liu: 'Miles'

‘Miles’ by Jonathan Liu

Q9 Capital is bridging the gap between modern-day investors and the oftentimes daunting realm of cryptocurrency. Through their crypto investment platform, Q9 offers a simple and safe solution for crypto investing that allows investors to maximise returns and grow their wealth.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique in that they ensure sole ownership with individual signatures stored on the blockchain and are an emerging sector of the art world as a new way to curate, appreciate, and collect often innovative digital pieces.

Rain Chan: 'Cross Pollination 1'

‘Cross Pollination 1’ by Rain Chan

Address: Q9 Crypto Hub, 9 Queen’s Road Central, Central

Featured banner image: ‘Collected Memories’ by Derry Ainsworth


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