Seeking to cater to the entrepreneurial community’s every whim, Hong Kong’s first specialist coworking space MakerHive has much to offer. Read on to find out more. 

Encompassed within The Hive’s expansive network of flexible offices and conveniently situated in the eclectic neighbourhood of Kennedy Town, MakerHive is one of the coworking  hub’s most unique additions to their current offerings of entrepreneur-friendly workspaces. As the first specialist space in Hong Kong, MakerHive prides itself on building a vibrant community of enterprising professionals and innovative startups, with a special focus on  tech and creative industries.

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MakerHive Coworking space Hong Kong

What to expect

Founded in 2015, MakerHive was designed with the aim of driving inspiration to those who make and create, in a personalised manner. To achieve this, in addition to the open-plan, collaborative spaces that are the norm in all Hive locations, MakerHive coworking space is also fitted with state-of-art equipment such as Ultimaker 2+ 3D printers, laser cutters, Brother Stitch Lock sewing machines, leather heat presses, and soldering stations to name a few. 

“This is Hong Kong’s only coworking space that has prototype workshops,” says Tammy Chan, location manager of the MarkerHive. 

MakerHive Coworking space Hong Kong

Who is it for?

Interior designers, prototyping makers ,architects, and robotics are just some of the industries MakerHive tailors their spaces for. “We also opened the Hive Studio in 2016 to bring in fashion startups into our base,” she explains.

MakerHive Coworking space Hong Kong

On addressing concerns of infringement of ideas by other startups, a potential threat one must consider when operating in a coworking space, Tammy declares that is not an issue here. We pride ourselves on upholding our four core values: to be Together, to go the Extra Mile, to be Accountable and Mindful. And the MakerHive community does exactly that,” she asserts.

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MakerHive Coworking space Hong Kong

Networking galore

Networking is a significant part of MakerHive’s mission as they aim to create an ecosystem that reaps the benefits of networking.We want to help build deep, lasting connections across the Hive membership base, regardless of their industry, role or location,” opines Tammy.

Through MakerHive’ flagship events, they attract enterprising individuals across the city, both established and aspiring, to network, socialise and collaborate. ‘Meet the Makers’, with its exhibitions on Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and the occasional documentary screenings, is the perfect meeting ground for tech enthusiasts. On the flip side, its artistic counterpart ‘Meet the Crafters’ caters to those looking for hands-on workshops focusing on DIY and all things lifestyle.  

MakerHive’s events also place a special emphasis on giving back to the community. A variety of charity events under the ‘Spread the Love’ series are hosted in collaboration with a Hong Kong based creative start-up, Barefoot Love Co., within the premises. By donating the proceeds towards charity organisations, MakerHive supports a plethora of causes like empowering minorities, educating refugees, and backing local anti-trafficking efforts.

With the MakerHive slowly garnering a strong yet steady fan base for their high quality in-class events, Tammy has this to say about their networking opportunities. “By delivering an exceptional Hive Experience, we strive to ensure that every one of our members has a happy and successful day, every day and these events are an important part of that experience.

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Keen to know more? Come visit us at MakerHive!

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