Internships are an important step for many to embark on their career path and grow their professional network. Follow these key tips to build experience, make a lasting impression, and maximise your internship during this crucial part of your career. 

The majority of job seekers start their careers by taking an internship. This approach allows for them to gain formative work experience and hone their skills. Here, employees learn great skills and make connections in their prospective field of work. This allows you to enrich your resume and impress future employers, even if you do not stay on with a company after the internship.

Nowadays, many companies provide 3 month internships all year long. People with less professional experience may have a harder time adjusting to the company workflow, and making a lasting impression in just three months seems daunting. Interns have to learn fast, secure a recommendation or an offer, and get the attention of their superiors. Read on for key tips to maximise your internship.

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Ask Meaningful Questions

Some interns have difficulty asking questions and keep quiet instead. Although this demonstrates respect, this way they may get overlooked. To show that you care about the team, you have to provide input. One of the best ways of doing this is coming up with meaningful questions. This shows that you are a productive and engaged colleague.

Before asking anything, take time to plan the question in your mind. You can even write down several versions and decide which one is the most impactful. Next time you are in a meeting with colleagues and superiors, be straight and to the point. This shows that you come prepared and value everybody’s time.

If you don’t have experience in this field, listen to others. When a question is particularly great, write it down and think about what made it so. With practice, you will be able to sharpen your mind and form questions faster.

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Be Punctual

Nobody likes when people come in late, especially when they are late for work. No matter where your internship is, always stay punctual. This is true for starting work, attending meetings, and adhering to deadlines.

You have a small window of opportunity to make a lasting impression on management and colleagues. Do not spoil it by letting people who depend on your time management skills down.

Build Relationships

Interns do not have a lot of time to balance work and connecting with colleagues, which can be problematic for trying to make a lasting impression. Take some time to build several personal relationships within the company. This can be as simple as sharing lunch with coworkers or having a chat.

If you are not too comfortable socialising in a professional environment, look for someone great at getting along with others as you can learn a lot from them. Being on good terms with the team will make you more memorable. This way, you create a network of contacts that could help you throughout your career.

For example, you can add several relevant connections to your resume. Such platforms as Skillhub  help impress recruiting firms and employers and can offer professional advice on the kind of connections that should be mentioned. This information demonstrates that you have experience working with others.

Build Relationships

Do the Research

Sometimes, interns develop a habit of running to superiors at the slightest problem. It is strongly advised that you research the issue thoroughly before doing so. Consult colleagues and managers only after testing all other options. Try analysing the problem and coming up with your own solution. In most cases, they can be found via a simple Google search.

Asking questions that have an obvious answer is a sign that you did not do your due diligence when you looked into the problem. Colleagues must know that you are competent and independent enough to bring new ideas instead of requesting help for straightforward tasks.

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Find A Mentor

Finding a colleague who can mentor you is one of the best things that can happen during an internship. They can offer advice, give recommendations, and provide connections in your desired career field. Find a coworker who knows their way around the company and ask them for advice on how they ended up in their current position.

Give It Your Best

Remember that no job is too small or too insignificant. Whatever the task, use all your skills and knowledge to complete it. For example, if you need to create an Excel document, make it the best document within your ability. The end result should be comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing. Give your best even if the assignments seem mundane.

Do not submit the first draft you have and always double check your work. Also, being too picky about the projects you are assigned is not a good idea. Complete all tasks in time and wholeheartedly. This way you build up trust with your colleagues and higher-ups. It is the foundation that will either make or break your internship.

Give It Your Best

Stay Organised

During the internship, you might get overwhelmed with assignments. This is why it is necessary to keep track of tasks and deadlines. Make sure to find out which of them have the highest priority. This way you will tackle tasks in the right order.

It is also a good idea to take notes during meetings. They help get the whole picture of things in the company. 

Your workspace also has to be kept neat and tidy. Work should be organised and kept safe while you are away.

Take the Initiative

The work does not end when there is nothing to do. If you are done with an assignment, ask for another one. You can offer help with other projects or work on a job that has yet to be assigned. Do not sit idly if you have no more work to do. 

An internship is like any other competition. Doing the bare minimum will not make you stand out from the rest of the applicants; being on top will take more initiative and effort on your part. It may seem hard, but the connections and the experience you will be able to achieve through a successfully maximised internship will serve for years to come.

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