Mid-Autumn Festival is fast-approaching, and why not switch up your traditional mooncake purchase with Cookie Smiles’ signature Mooncookies? Support local and a good cause! 

Founded amidst the Covid-19 pandemic in June last year, Cookie Smiles is a Hong Kong-based social enterprise fundraising through cookies to support disadvantaged communities. Led by philanthropists Jo Soo Tang, Strategic Advisor of Food Made Good HK, and Agnes Chin, President of Edible Artists Global Academy Association & Director of Complete Deelite, Cookie Smiles is retraining workers, creating jobs, and supporting other NGOs in Hong Kong.

Their delicious baked goods are made by disadvantaged individuals who have been retrained and are now bakers at Cookie Smiles. A portion of the enterprise’s profits, including all Mooncookie sales, are donated to Impact HK and SPCA Hong Kong. “We are a HK social enterprise and contributing to our community is important to us.”

Mooncakes are a traditional dessert pastry filled with sweet or savoury flavours, or a combination of the two, eaten or gifted during Mid-Autumn Festival. A classic filling includes lotus seed paste and cured egg yolks, baked to golden-brown and moulded with a decorative design. Cookie Smiles creates a unique cookie twist on the mooncake with delightful Asian fusion flavours that offer a playful and exiting Mooncookie experience, all for a good cause.

Using only the freshest and finest ingredients, these handcrafted cookie and mooncake fusion treats can be enjoyed in three signature flavours: Coconut Jam & Egg Custard, Sesame & Egg Custard, and Chicken Floss, Egg Custard & Black Pepper flavours. A selection of 6 Mooncookies of your choice are available for HK$90.

Cookie Smiles’ special Mid-Autumn Festival menu’s Coconut Jam & Egg Custard Mooncookie is flavoured with coconut jam and classic salted egg custard filling, wrapped in a pandan Mooncookie pastry. Their Sesame & Egg Custard Mooncookie tastes of sesame with salted egg custard, wrapped in a classic Mooncookie pastry. And their Chicken Floss, Egg Custard & Black Pepper Mooncookie is a combination of chicken floss with salted egg custard, wrapped in a black pepper Mooncookie pastry.

Support a Good Cause This Mid-Autumn Festival with Mooncookies

Cookie Smiles’ Mooncookies are available for pre-order until the 13th of September, 2021, and can be delivered or picked up on the 20th of September, 2021.


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