Hong Kong’s Hysan Development has just announced four new Covid-19 vaccination promotion projects to work towards a fully-vaccinated community in the city. 

Property investment, management, and development company Hysan Development is initiating four Covid-19 vaccination promotion projects to encourage Hong Kong residents to receive their vaccines. The company is working to create a fully-vaccinated community in their Lee Gardens properties. The programmes will also benefit those outside of the Lee Gardens community who are at a higher risk of contracting the virus.

Adventist Health x Hysan Vaccination Promotion Programme

Teaming up with Adventist Health, Hysan Development will provide 1,000 health check packages to higher risk frontline and service members of the Lee Gardens community. Priority will be given to those who are underprivileged, to ensure they take part in a full health check prior to receiving a Covid-19 vaccination.
The partnership has opened Hong Kong’s first Vaccination Promotion Centre in Leighton Centre in Causeway Bay, operating daily except for Saturdays. Paid checkups will also be available at this centre. Those interested may enquire at (+852) 9316 7110.

Adventist Health Hysan Development Covid-19 Vaccination Prep Centre

Lee Gardens Tenant Vaccination Drive and Po Leung Kuk Donation Programme

Hysan Development also announced they will donate HK$100 to local charity Po Leung Kuk for each of their commercial tenants and staff members who receive both of their Covid-19 vaccinations by the 30th of September, 2021. These donations will go towards funding body checks for elderly people in Hong Kong as well as eligible students and families at the charity’s health centres, to further encourage community vaccinations. Proceeds will also go towards an emergency financial aid fund for families undergoing hardships due to the pandemic.

Health Check and Extra Days-Off

The company will also be offering health check packages to staff members prior to receiving their vaccinations. Hysan will also offer two days off to all staff who have received both doses of their vaccine if vaccination rates in the company reach 70%.

Vaccination Lucky Draw

Hysan Development will also be launching a four-week lucky draw in August: fully vaccinated Lee Gardens Club members will be able to enter a lucky draw for a chance to win wellness-focused products including a staycation package, Apple Watch, workout gear, or a free fitness centre membership.

Hysan covid-19 vaccination programmes

Hysan Development’s new programmes are leading the way for other companies to offer similar internal and external community benefits as vaccination incentives, as Hong Kong works hard to reach a fully-vaccinated population.


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