On 10 July 2021, creative non-profit platform Project Level Up Hong Kong premiered the mini-movie “Player Two” as part of their mental health campaign promoting mental health awareness.

Level Up Hong Kong makes use of creative and digital media projects to communicate their vision across viewers’ lives at home, school, and work. 1 in 7 people in Hong Kong faces at least one mental health problem in their lifetime. Through their content, Level Up aims to bring home the critical message that young people of Hong Kong are not alone in tackling their mental health issues, and to promote education around mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety disorder. Player Two tells a love story between a girl (played by Gi Fan) and her boyfriend (played by Louis Mok), an aspiring professional e-sports racer. A sudden incident separates the young lovers, leaving the girl grief-stricken, lost, and confused. Inspired by a true online story, the 13-minute mini-movie explores the concept of grief and how we work through trauma.

“In the midst of a global pandemic and social changes in Hong Kong, we have all experienced some type of loss and gone through various levels of grief,” explains Wing Lee, co-founder of Project Level Up Hong Kong and producer of Player Two, “be it a family member, a loved one, or it could be your job, your freedom of expression or sense of cultural identity.”

Player Two_"Project Level Up Hong Kong" Launches Youtube Mini-Movie to Promote Mental Health Awareness

Player Two

Other initiatives under Level Up include the Hong Kong Startup Esports Tournament (HKSET), a hundred-person strong Mario Kart tournament within the Hong Kong startup community promoting mental health awareness in the workplace.

A donation drive has been set up as part of Level Up’s campaign. Contributions received through the donation drives for Player Two and the HKSET will be dedicated to mental health charity partners Joyful Mental Health Foundation and Mind HK.

Behind the scenes of the mental health non-profit are organisers and lead sponsors WNJ Ventures, a venture capital firm investing in sectors such as education, e-commerce, digital gaming, HR and FinTech — from startups all the way to listed companies. WNJ’s Social Impact Goal 2021 is to support mental health guidance programs in Hong Kong to individuals aged 18-35 year impacted by Covid-19.


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