The Myers-Briggs type personality test is a great way to better understand your personality type, as well as get to know your family and friends better. But did you know that your Myers-Briggs type can also guide your career choices? 

With over 2 million people taking the test each year, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most well-known personality tests used by many for both personal and professional reasons. First published by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers, the study was based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types which analyses people based on four areas:

Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I) How you manage your energy

Sensing (S) or Intuitive (N) The way you receive information

Feeling (F) or Thinking (T) The way you make decisions

Judging (J) or Perceiving (P) How you see the world

There are 16 different combinations of these letters, and each helps people to understand their strengths and weaknesses in a professional or personal environment. A person’s Myers-Briggs type can also help guide your career choices as some personality traits often find themselves working easily in one occupation more than the others. In order to feel comfortable and content with what you do, it is important to match your work environment with your personality type. Keep on reading to find out which career choice is best matched for your Myers-Briggs type personality.

Man thinking

1. Analysts

INTJ The Architect 

If you find yourself relating to powerful figures like Elon Musk and Michelle Obama, then you are an INTJ. INTJ are strategic thinkers with a plan for everything, they enjoy logical reasoning and complex problem solving. They are independent and selective about their relationships, and often like plans and dislike unpredictability. INTJs are often found in technological companies working in research and development. The careers that are most suitable for them are software engineering, management, entrepreneurship, and law.

Michelle Obama Smiling

INTP The Logician 

INTPs often are abstract thinkers and creative problem solvers with a thirst for knowledge, they often require roles that allow them to be precise and theoretical. INTPs think objectively rather than emotionally and thrive on spotting patterns and discrepancies. They are drawn to career paths related to technical fields of computer science, engineering, mathematics, social services, and education.

ENTJ The Commander 

ENTJ personality types are known for being honest, imaginative, and bold. They are natural born leaders since they are confident in their abilities and create successful goals through organizing and planning. They see challenges as opportunities to push harder, and make decisions quickly. Some may feel intimidated by their honesty or presence but in reality, ENTJ type people like to push and motivate others to reach their full potential. ENTJ are best suited for jobs in management, politics, law, public relations, consulting, and business administration.

ENTP The Debater 

Creative and sarcastic, smart, and curious thinkers who cannot resist an intellectual challenge, ENTPs enjoy taking on roles that allow them to play the devil’s advocate. Instead of being more people-oriented, ENTP personalities focus on finding solutions that will allow them to exercise their brain to come up with innovative ways to solve any issue. They often take in the role of attorney, natural scientist, marketing director, politician, entrepreneur, salesperson, and stock trading.

A diplomat

2. Diplomats

INFJ  The Advocate 

INFJ makes up only 1% of the world, and they are often idealists with realistic goals and mindsets. They love to help people and will always find meaning in everything they do, including in their career choices. They choose to work in areas with values rather than for material gain, but they are versatile and are able to excel in any work field. The career paths best suited for them are in human resources, healthcare, counseling, teaching, and writing.

A teacher teaching kids

INFP The Mediator 

INFP have an optimistic perspective of the world, they are described as compassionate, kind and always eager to help others. Famous INFPs include Princess Diana, John Lennon and WIlliam Shakespeare. Instead of finding jobs that just pay the bills, INFP want ambitious careers that are fulfilling and stress free. INFP’s top careers include social work, law enforcement, healthcare, graphic design, and translators.

Princess Diana


ENFJ The Protagonist

ENFJ are described as energetic, diplomatic and charismatic. Famous ENFJs include Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Maya Angelou. They often are able to mesmerize their listeners and are needed in roles where they can be expressive in their strong values. The best career paths for ENFJs are in sales, motivational speaking, coaching, teaching, and human resources.

Maya Angelou

ENFP The Campaigner 

Free spirited ENFP-type people are enthusiastic, creative and sociable, and can always find a reason to smile. They enjoy working with people, and are most valuable in their people skills. When it comes to ideas, they are usually adventurous but take a more logical approach instead of going in blindly. ENFPs are indecisive and usually have a hard time finding a career since they find everything enjoyable and interesting. The best careers suitable for them are usually the ones where they can push boundaries like journalism, reporting, detective work, diplomacy, and campaigning.

3. Sentinels

ISTJ The Logistician 

ISTJs rely on logic when making decisions, and often like to finish tasks in an orderly manner and value traditions. They find it hard to adjust to change and generally lean to careers of practicality. The best careers ISTJs can thrive in are in public service positions like police person, attorney, dentist, engineer, surgeon, and auditor.

A surgeon doing surgery

ISFJ The Defender 

ISFJ are usually perfectionists, and companies rely on them to get the job done because they will turn in things on time and exceed expectations. They are very dedicated in their work and are very humble in everything they do. Careers such as a counselor, scientist, psychologist, and accountant are perfect for people with an ISFJ personality type.

ESTJ The Executive 

For ESTJs, they are quick to make practical decisions and are perfect in roles that allow them to lead and manage people or projects. They know what they want and will work hard to achieve it, and they are also very disciplined and will not hesitate to show their dislike towards something. Notable ESTJs are Judge Judy, Ella Baker, and Frank Sinatra. Because ESTJ-types like stability, clarity, and security, some best career options for them are pharmacist, lawyer, real estate agent, insurance agent, and project manager.

Ella Baker

ESFJ The Consul 

If you like Friends and relate to Monica, then you are an ESFJ. You are someone who is extremely loyal, caring, and sociable. Always willing to go above and beyond to help others, ESFJ are also peacemakers who tend to avoid conflict. They are more likely to accept their situation and are happily willing to do whatever that needs to be done without complaining. The best career paths for ESFJs are event planner, paralegal, receptionist, medical assistance, and catering.

4. Explorers

ISTP The Virtuoso 

ISTP-types are quiet and observant, and they love to learn new things and like to challenge themselves by being flexible in their work. They are kinetic learners, and like learning by doing something, because of that, it makes them natural mechanics. ISTP are bold and practical experimenters, which is why they are perfect for careers as airline pilot, landscaper, mechanic, political scientist, health inspector, and economist.

ISFP The Adventurer 

ISFPs, as the name states, are adventurers who enjoy living in the present. They live their lives to the fullest, and they dislike routines and do not care much about wealth, power, or having job security. Careers best suited for them are in places where they can grow and express themselves freely and in a more authentic way. Fashion design, cosmetology, fitness training, art directing, and photography are all professions that will allow them to explore and experience something new each day.

ESTP The Entrepreneur 

If you are energetic, perceptive, and enjoy living on the edge, then you are most likely an ESTP. Avoiding looking back at past mistakes, ESTPs face challenges as they go and sometimes make risky decisions. They are people who enjoy drama, pleasure and choose things to stimulate their rational thinking processes. Jobs like firefighter, paramedic, project coordinator, stockbroker, and the most obvious one, entrepreneur, are best suited for ESTP Myers-Briggs type.


ESFP The Entertainer 

Just by the name you already can tell you are born to shine. Famous ESFPs include stars like Miley Cyrus, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley. They are often the life of the party, and are natural-born entertainers who have an enthusiastic and spontaneous personality. The best way to shine a spotlight on your Myers-Briggs type personality is through jobs like event planner, salesperson, tour guide, stand up comedian, and actor.

Marilyn Monroe


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