Social media marketing is a big business globally, and that’s where Gary Vaynerchuk gets right. The lifelong entrepreneur brashly shares invaluable knowledge on digital advertising and how start-ups can take their business to the next level.

The social media trend continues to grow every day. If you want to grab the attention of your audience, it’s time to take social media seriously. Among the world’s most successful marketers is Gary Vaynerchuk, the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia. Back in the late 90’s, Gary helped his dad to grow the family business from $3 to $60 million through digital marketing.

Besides discussing the importance of catching up with the current trends on social media, there is also a flow of inspirational statements generating faster than a Tumblr feed at RISE Conference 2017, Hong Kong as passionate entrepreneurs scribble his advice in their notepads.

Most motivational speakers inspire their audience with 2 or 3 ideas but this 41-year-old is on a different level. Wearing a dark shirt and jeans with a sharp tongue, this is a serial entrepreneur with a net worth of $100 million dollars.

During his speech, Gary said, ” With the comfort of technology at hand, there has been no better time than today to work hard. However, whatever tactic that brought you to this level of success, it won’t bring you to your next one. You have to constantly lookout for the next trend.” In the 1990s, Gary saw the opportunity for email marketing, as proven with 90% open rates for Wine Library.

“Market dynamics of social networks are undervalued,” says Gary.”Eventually, companies will wake up from their mistake from spending money on traditional advertising like billboards. In the next 2 years, you’ll end up competing with multinational corporations as they start putting their money on social media which makes it hard for startup companies to compete.”

Gary further discusses how companies should not dismiss the fine details that capture the attention of your target audiences like the first three seconds of a video or the top part of your website. Content is subjective; the market decides what is good or bad content, so we need to spend less time on quality. Emotional capabilities are tactics used in branding so use your human intuition to market your product.

Company culture has been a huge buzzword in the world of business and creating one can feel like a minefield. Gary discusses some of the ways to build a great company culture from the ground up. One way is by figuring out employee needs from talking to them one to one. We need to treat people like human beings and understand their needs. “Figure out which employee others feel miserable – even if it’s your right hand man. Employees who devalue others are like cancer to the system, and cancer spreads.”

If you get a chance to watch his speech on RISE, do so. We can assure you that any idea from his discussion will inspire your next business adventure.

Edited by Rebecca Lau

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