Yuki Wong, the certified beautician and founder of Weirdo Beauty, dives into her latest clean skincare label, Odriem, sharing more on her science-backed regimen and how she applies her mastery of cosmetics to develop effective formulas.

With a passion to bring reform to Hong Kong’s cosmetics industry, beauty entrepreneur and specialist, Yuki Wong, founded Weirdo Beauty in 2018. Yuki’s skin clinic aims to revitalise traditional treatments and procedures, while tending to various derma-related conditions in a more targeted manner, with emphasis on personalised and purposeful regimens. 

Weirdo Beauty_Skin Management Specialist

From acquiring professional cosmetics accreditations, to commencing her entrepreneurial journey in the sector, Yuki’s extensive experience and ingenuity prepared her for her role as the founder and chemist behind the rising clean skincare label, Odriem. Perfecting her formulae through cutting-edge science and her result-oriented approach, the beautician has launched her unique recipes, integrating the best of Western and traditional Asian medicine. 

Yuki launched Odriem in 2021 with the intent to deliver “clean, precise, and simple” beauty wellness solutions. Her curated range of vegan and cruelty-free ampoules are not only gentle and soothing on one’s skin, but are also just as effective in treating conditions such as clogged pores, acne, and dermatitis, using natural Ayurvedic botanicals, along with other delicate ingredients, making Yuki’s powerful recipes ideal for self-care rituals. 

Yuki shares with Hive Life the secret behind her clean beauty concoctions, how she is leveraging science to drive her skincare solutions, and more on her vegan product range at Odriem. 

Odriem Clean Skincare_Founder Yuki Wong

Can you tell us about yourself?

I am the Founder of Hong Kong’s independent targeted skin management specialist, Weirdo Beauty, and am currently furthering my mastery of Chinese medicine. It is my vision to apply the best of both [traditional] and Western [practices] in my salons. 

I hold a professional training certificate issued by the Hong Kong Medical Professional Beauty Association. I am also a certified Face-Slimming Realignment therapist of The Japan Institute for Face Slimming, a PhiBrows artist of PhiAcademy, and an approved eyelash instructor of ShineE Asia.

[With] the experience of working on over 5,000 cases in the past few years, I found that most people have [not] been educated [on proper] skin care concepts, and [often end up] choosing products and ingredients [that] fail to improve their [skin-related issues] effectively. 

That was how I came up with the initial idea of developing my brand with the mantra – “effective skincare starts here” – promoting a glowing, blemish-free complexion through bespoke result-oriented treatments for all skin types and concerns. 

Odriem_The Clean Skincare

What is the founding story of Odriem?

I do not believe in “the best products” or “one size fits all” when it comes to skincare. We always encourage customers to understand their own skin condition.

By adopting professional and efficient formulas, Odriem is developed to solve specific skin problems in a targeted manner. The establishment of the brand derives from the pursuit of scientific skincare, to be “precise, pure, and simple.”

[Each of Odriem’s] formulae are developed with the premise of consolidating [healthy skin]. Potential customers can easily figure out which products and ingredients are most suitable for [them].

Weirdo Beauty

Can you tell us more about the ingredients and recipes behind your scientific-based skincare products?

We believe that integrating a scientific approach into the brand will help maximise the functions of [our] plant-based products. 

We use jojoba and candelilla wax in the Star Aura Cleansing Balm to replace non-vegan ingredients such as beeswax. We [added] the wild rosella extract, [which] is rich in polyphenols and anthocyanins. We [also] infused the Bulgarian rose hydrate in the [cream], it helps [lock moisture] and soothes sensitive skin, while promoting skin rejuvenation.

Odriem_The Clean Skincare

Who are your products best suited for?

We noticed that customers with oily and acne-prone skin are generally more mindful of the ingredients listed on skincare products. Some may pick [unsuitable solutions], [which often] intensify their problems. We have customised acne-friendly formulations for them.

Can you share more on your product range?

Currently, we have two Serum Ampoules designed for normal skin types and acne skin, and a cleansing balm for all skin types.

Firstly, we formulated the Sunshine Serum Ampoule for oily and congested skin. It contains an East-meets-West concoction of antibacterial herbs and proven anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce acne, unclog pores, and balance sebum production. 

Secondly, we designed the Moonshine Serum Ampoule for delicate skin, enriched with calming, anti-inflammatory, and barrier-protecting ingredients. 

Thirdly, the Star Aura Cleansing Balm is luxuriously gentle yet potently purifying. Rich in healing anthocyanins, renewing Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), and anti-oxidising vitamins, it restores the illuminating aura of your skin after cleansing. 

Our best-selling Moonshine Serum Ampoule is a ceramide-infused formula, which is a blessing for dry and sensitive skin types this winter season. 

Odriem_The Clean Skincare

How can your products add to an individual’s existing skincare routine?

Our signature combination of the Sunshine and Moonshine Serum Ampoule is designed to be used in one’s skincare [routine]. 

You can apply the Sunshine Serum Ampoule on cleansed skin, spot-treat on the acne and T-zone, and follow [it] with the Moonshine Serum Ampoule, which boosts skin repair. 

We believe that this “1+1>2” dual-effect [routine] can make the best of [all] formulas. 

What were some of the challenges you faced when launching in Hong Kong?

I am truly grateful for my team’s support and dedication. We may have come across some challenges during the product development stage, but that is what made our formulas a huge [success] since the launch, [as] we kept trying and improving them.

The love and trust of our customers made the launch in Hong Kong possible. 

Weirdo Beauty_Skin Management Specialist

Being a Hong Kong-based brand but with products formulated in California, how did you work around this throughout the pandemic? 

[Since] our manufacturer has a California-based laboratory, we could only communicate with their team via Zoom meetings and emails during the pandemic. [However], a variety of unexpected issues [arose], [with] delays in logistics, and unstable supply of raw materials, which made things difficult [for us]. 

The [new] products are made in Hong Kong under active consideration and quality control, and our team can monitor the entire process more precisely. 

I believe that Hong Kong’s beauty industry can manufacture skincare products [while upholding] global standards.

What inspired the designs of Odriem’s packaging?

When our team established the brand positioning and direction, we were hoping to highlight and reinforce “high-efficiency formulae” and “strong design”. Customers [may often] have doubts about product packaging and strength, and we were hoping to reshape that mindset. 

It can get very competitive these days in the industry, especially for local independent brands. We believe product packaging is as important as our [solutions] strength, hence we thought an eye-catching and spectacular design would be favourable, and that is how our team has come up with our unique aesthetics. 

As you might recognise from the box packaging to the naming of our products, we have integrated astrological elements to illustrate the strength and uniqueness of our brand and its products.

Odriem_The Clean Skincare

What makes a good skincare routine, and why is it important to invest in it?

I am a strong believer [that] skincare treatments and products are complementary to each other. Our salon-grade [solutions] at Weirdo Beauty are designed to understand customers’ skin conditions, and then get to the root of the problem. 

Our curated treatments begin with professional diagnosis [using] an Artificial Intelligence (AI) skin test, followed by consultation with our team of professional therapists.

In the meantime, effective skincare products are necessary for post-treatment- our Odriem range strives to offer pure, precise and simple regimens with significant and visible results. 

Weirdo Beauty_Skin Management Specialist

What are the beauty trends you anticipate in the coming year?

Sustainability is a top trend in the industry globally, as I see many Hong Kong shops and international brands start offering refillable cosmetics, skincare, body care, shampoo, and conditioner. I believe [local] consumers are rather interested in this lifestyle. 

To incorporate the sustainability lifestyle, our team has been trying to source refillable and recycled materials for upcoming packaging. In addition, in Q1 2023, we are planning to initiate a “Recycle Scheme,” where customers will obtain a cash coupon when they return used [containers] to us. 

Weirdo Beauty_Founder Yuki Wong

What does the future hold for Odriem?

Each product launch takes up to a year or even more – our team executes each step seriously, from research and development, formulations, and clinical trials, to packaging design. Our core vision is to value quality over quantity. 

We are grateful for all the love and generous support we have been receiving since we launched the brand in 2021. In 2023, our [customers] can expect the [debut] of our “Acne series,” offering one-stop effective skincare solutions for oily and acne-prone skin.

In early 2023, Weirdo Beauty will be expanding to Hong Kong Island with its spacious 4,000 square feet flagship salon on the 27th floor of Sino Plaza, a serene haven in the buzzing district of Causeway Bay.  

Weirdo Beauty_Skin Management Specialist


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