Plantonic has developed a 4-in-1 plant-based non-toxic fertiliser, the new solution to the indoor gardening and at-home wellness trends that are arising post-Covid-19. Hive Life discusses its benefits with Eric Tan, the founder and creator of its eponymous product. 

Plantonic is the first 4-in-1 plant-based non-toxic fertilising essence that can be used for all manner of plants and greens. According to the company, “it is all you need for your plant care regime,” because it “fertilises, repels pests, revitalises the soil, and is able to prevent and cure plant diseases.” Plantonic’s formula was developed by Eric Tan, the founder of the company, in his efforts to create a non-toxic, natural solution to plant woes. 


It is worthwhile to note that Plantonic is not a regular fertiliser. The word “fertiliser” is used for customer recognition, but the brand prefers to refer to the product as a “tonic,” as shown in its name, to draw a parallel to tonics that humans may consume, which are neither supplements nor vitamins. It is a product that smells good and is effective, moving beyond the label of just fertiliser. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought on lifestyle changes for many people. There has been an increased interest in horticulture, gardening, indoor farming, as well as smart indoor gardening systems. As people are spending more time at home, the need for non-toxic plant care products is increasing. Traditional products often have labels suggesting users to ‘stay clear,’ ‘keep products in a safe place,’ ‘do not breathe in vapour,’ ‘allow plants to rest for a period before harvesting,’ and so forth. 

spray bottle_plantonic

What this told the developers of Plantonic is that these products are not so safe to use after all, especially indoors where there is inevitably less ventilation, and more interaction with people. Plantonic is safe to use around children and pets, leaving no residue, as well as having no resting period needed before harvesting. This is a relevant factor to consider, especially in cities like Singapore and Hong Kong, where many live in compact high rise apartments and desire indoor plants, for a break from the monotony of concrete, steel, and glass surrounding. 

According to Tan, “The yearning to be close to nature is real, as we instantly feel good when we are in the midst of plants, greens, and pets. Having and growing plants is also known to be therapeutic in this fast-paced environment we are in.”

The formula for Plantonic was developed following several years of research and travel across the globe, exploring ancestral knowledge and secret recipes used in countrysides and farms. When combining this knowledge, through trial and error testing different ingredients and different proportions, Plantonic was born. 

Eric Tan, the founder of Plantonic, previously worked in the agricultural sector, allowing him to test his product on a larger scale before launching it to the masses. Thus it has been determined that Plantonic can be used for large-scale farming and agricultural projects. The company is currently in certain private organic farms in Europe. 

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The formulation of Plantonic was developed with traditional and Ayurvedic medicine principles. The product does not just cure symptoms of plant troubles, but gets to the root of whatever the problem may be. 

“Plantonic helps plants grow to its optimal health and glory, improving its life force and allowing the plant to fend off diseases. All living things are electrical beings including plants, hence all ingredients have “positive charge” that benefits plants in many ways,” Tan added.

Plantonic is currently available in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. The product can be found on HKTVmall in Hong Kong, and most leading supermarkets and nurseries in Singapore. It will be available in Europe and the US in the second quarter of this year.



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