In what has been titled ‘the world’s largest work-from-home experiment,’ millions are relearning how to stay efficient at home. These productivity tools will boost your output and help you stay on track – wherever you may be.

Focus Booster 

If you want to give the Pomodoro Technique a try, Focus Booster is an online productivity planner that’s built on the basis of organising your schedule into short, effective bursts of work with something they call the ‘pomodoro timer.’ You have an allotted amount of time to focus on a task, and using this technique to tick through your to-do list helps to minimise interruptions and distractions that throw you off track, making it that much easier to eliminate wasted time. There are two paid membership options: USD 2.99 per month for the ‘Individual’ plan or USD 4.99 per month for the ‘Professional’ plan – the latter includes data reports, revenue tracking, and a client management feature. Or, if you’re simply looking to train yourself to work without distractions, you can use this platform for free to have access to 20 free pomodoro sessions a month. 

Focus Booster Online Productivity Planner

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Trello is a platform that allows for easy collaboration. Think of its layout as team-built ‘boards’ where tasks are listed on cards and categorised under ‘doing’ or ‘done,’ keeping your agenda easy to digest, and even easier to relay to those you’re working alongside. You can add due dates, attachments and other details to each card – and, more importantly, Trello allows its users to integrate apps you’re already using, making it easy to coordinate on tasks regardless of where you are. If you’re working solo, it’s also a great, no-nonsense productivity tracker that allows for customisation, note-taking and scheduling. The best part? It’s free.

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Monday is a productivity platform with great visuals to help professionals or entire teams stay on top of their workflow. Since every individual and company has different needs, Monday allows for flexible organisation of different tasks, so you can do everything from budgeting to scheduling to project planning all on one, easy-to-use website that uses charts and other infographic-style layouts to ensure that productivity is streamlined and easy to keep track of. You can have as little as five users on your team when you’re a member of, with packages ranging from USD 39 to 79 a month.


Featured by Vice, Forbes and NBC News, this music platform claims to improve concentration through functional music that has been scientifically proven to help keep your mind sharp and on-task. Brain.FM is staffed with scientists who collaborate with academic institutions, experimenting with different sounds and musical techniques to explore the effects on the brain. This platform’s key processes are patented, stating that their unique music drives your mind to block out unwanted brain activity while maximising focus – so if you’re looking for a new productivity playlist, give this platform a go.

BrainFM Productivity Music Platform

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