Flowers play a big role in Vietnamese culture, adorning street sides and shops wherever you go. Find out where they come from in one of the world’s most wonderful flower markets.

Tết Flowers
If you’re living in Vietnam, you’ve most likely noticed a spike in the number of flower pop-up shops over the years. In Saigon for starters, chrysanthemums, marigolds, paperwhites and pansies beautifully litter the sidewalks on a regular basis, most of which come from the hidden gem Ho Thi Ky Flower Market. Tucked away off the beaten track in District 10, this is the largest wholesale flower market in Saigon and home to over 300 individual flower sellers. Visit it and you’ll find an alternate universe where flowers make the rules.

Tết Flowers

The market is a never-ending maze for your senses and feet with each turn introducing a new alley with thousands of flowers to greet you. The flowers are domestically imported from Southern Vietnam and internationally from Thailand, China, the Netherlands and Ecuador, offering a wide variety that can only be found at Ho Thi Ky.

Every night at midnight, large trucks enter the market to deliver the daily shipment of flowers to each shop owner. According to numerous employees, this is the ideal time to purchase your blooms. Local businesses frequently come to pick up their orders between 12:00 am – 2:00 am, as the flowers are in the best condition at this time and they haven’t been picked through yet.

Local businesses are not the only beneficiaries of this floral paradise. Anyone is welcome to visit and buy everything from large corporate orders to a single rose. If you’re feeling a little more avant-garde, perhaps you prefer the burgundy sunflowers. It’s evident the options are endless, which is what makes Ho Thi Ky a staple in the Saigon market scene.

Apart from the many flower stalls, inside, you’ll find a Cambodian market with plenty of food stalls offering traditional Cambodian cuisine. Stop for a bite the quintessential Khmer dish Num Banh Chok, a traditional rice noodle soup, to reward yourself having found your way through the floral maze around you. A feast in every sense, a visit here is well worth the early rise.

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